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  • Hi again.
    I still can’t find no reason why this plugin does not appear in the WPPM.
    Installation and configuration of WP is as required, resp. in the ‘out-of-the-box’-state, and the installation-guide for the plugin was precilely followed as written in the readme.

    Still, the plugin refuses to appear in the WP Plugin-Management, and I don’t see why or even how to find out why it would not appear.

    Brian, are you listening?
    Anyone outthere with a hint or pointer? Thanks.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    That plugin needs core files to be altered – and I’m fairly sure WPPM is in stasis right now.

    If you mean the replacement of “comments.php”, the thank you but I know this from the install.txt:

    > 1) Before beginning, make backup copies of <top>/wp-content/themes/<yourtheme>/comments.php
    > 2) Copy briansthreadedcomments.php to <top>/wp-content/plugins/
    > 3) Copy comments.php to <top>/wp-content/theme/<yourtheme>/
    > 4) Activate brians threaded comments from the plugin page

    All of these steps have been done many times and thoroughfully before I began complaining / asking for help.

    Is therer anything else that needed to be done?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Why is it important that this plugin appears in WPPM ?

    Uhm, to actually activate it, and thus, to be able to use it…
    I wouldn’t mind if it “would just be there” (if it would’nt appear in WPPM, but display threaded comments).

    But as of now, it’s the contrary, the files are in their directories, but without any impact to the output…

    The WPPM isn’t the definitive plugin authority, the “Plugins” section of the WP administration interface is. If it shows up there, activate it.

    With real danger of flaunting my quite considerable ignorance, what is WPPM?
    I only know the plugin page in the administration interface.
    Does WP1.5 have a different plugin administration mechanism that I should know of?

    The WordPress Plugin Manager, DrDave’s invention.

    Ah, I think I used that to install spamkarma back in the day.

    Is adding BTC to WPPM something I am supposed to be doing, or is it something DrDave should be doing?

    It’s not really a matter of “supposed to”, it’s a matter of choice. If you’d like your plugin to be installable/listable by the WPPM, you can choose to add it to it. It is something you do yourself as a plugin author.

    That said, your threaded comments plugin isn’t really a good candidate, at least for the One-Click install. The WPPM has no capacity to diddle with core files or even templates.

    I obviously fell into the trap of Lazyness.

    I haven’t even heard of DrDaves Plugin Manager. I was actually talking about nothing else than WP’s 2Plugin Page in the Administration Interface”, in which “BTC” (BriansThreadedComments) still does not appear …

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Did you upload the plugin file to the correct location (wp-content/plugins)? When you uploaded it, did you upload it in ASCII mode via your FTP program?

    I run WordPress locally for the moment. Which means, I downloaded the zip-file from brian’s site, unzipped and copied the 2 files to their appropriate locations (comments.php into /contents/themes/mytheme/ and Briansthreadedcomments.php into /contents/plugins/).

    (I already tried to put comments.php into the wp/ parent-directory, but this of course didn’t do anything.)

    My experience with more-complicated plugins is that they don’t work particularly well on a local install.

    There is no contents folder, by the way, just wp-content.

    Ok, but I guess you understand?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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