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  • This is driving me nuts, and no amount of googling is helping me out. I’ve tried posting on the author’s forums, but he never approved my forum membership, so I’m at a loss here.

    Breukie’s categories widget will not save any settings whatsoever. I enter the information I need, click off the box, click save, and when I pull up the widget.. it’s empty. Everything I inputed is gone. Is this a 2.3 compatibility issues, or something else? I’ve tried deactivating all my plugins save that one, and it didn’t help.

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  • I had the same issue when I tried using it also. His forum was filled with spam so I never bothered to try and post over there. I found that I really did not even need the plug-in and was able to do everything I needed without it. What are you trying to use it for? Maybe there is another way without it.

    adamrbrown Sounds like it could be, yes. I tried your suggestion on viewing the source in the other thread, and didn’t come up with any errors. I’ll keep an eye on that thread, though, and see what comes of it. Thanks.

    arcater I’m glad to know it’s not just me. Basically, I’m just trying to break the categories down, and I’d like them in widgets so I can move them around. I.e., one section:

    —>X Author
    —>X Author

    And another section

    —>X Artist

    I have been able to put the php needed to do this in the text widgets that came with WP, but I’m finding that for some reason, they don’t work for all themes that way. I’d rather not put it right in the template file, just because the widgets would be simpler. I also know very little php, so I’m just stuck. The code I used and put in the text widgets I scrounged from Breukie’s code and the WP page on wp_list_categories.

    More Info:

    I tried the widget in a completely clean install in a different directory, and it still doesn’t save.

    Solved it!!!
    About line 388 of plugin’s code you will have the following end of line:
    ‘widget_breukieslinks’ : /* unregister */ ”, ”, $i);
    Just delete the last ”. It will be like this:
    ‘widget_breukieslinks’ : /* unregister */ ”, $i);

    I am not a good programmer and i do not know why it solved the problem. But worked.

    rdourado: It did work! Sort of. It shows until you save, then when you go back to the widget, it’s empty again – though some of the changes will show on the website, even though the widget says it’s empty. One of the other things it’s not doing right is the hierarchical parent/child lists. It’s just listing them and that’s it.

    But thank you for this – it’s a start to getting it working 100%!

    Strange it didn’t work 100% for you. I am using it at and it is working perfectly. Maybe something else is wrong…

    rdourado: I just realized the code you posted earlier is for a links widget and not a category one, though oddly enough, the fix you gave still fixed part of my problem, even though it was apparently for a different widget.

    Did anyone find a fix for this plug in?

    I don’t even see the code mentioned by rdourado in the code I just installed.

    My issue is that I can install, activate, and modify the plug-in, but the version displayed on the site does not reflect the conditions of the control panel in the widget area.

    For instance, I give it a title of FooBar, and while in the widget control area it does indeed display FooBar after I save the widget, the actual plugin as displayed on the site does not display that title…

    Is there another plug in for this? I can’t believe this is the only category sidebar plug in out there but I have not found another one.

    BeemerMonkey: To my knowledge, no one fixed it, nor is there a replacement widget for it. The code rdourado mentioned isn’t the exact same as what’s in the categories widget; he mixed up and thought we were talking about a different one. However, *some* of it’s the same. If you do a ctrl f search for /* unregister */ '', '', $i); you should find it.

    Just found this post… thanks for the info! I made the suggeted code change and got the same results as suzume. If I create 3 category widgets and modify one, the changes do indeed show up. But if I go back and change another category widget, the changes on the first go away. So the workaround is to carefully make all your modifications within the widgets area before hitting save/update. If you have a lot of categories, this could be a pain. Hopefully someone will rescue this plugin and fix it because it really is a great idea.

    got it working with WP 2.5.1

    I basically just simplified the crazy register method around line 257.

    Here’s both the old and new code.


    for ($i = 1; $i <= 9; $i++) {
            $name = array('Breukie\'s Categories %s', null, $i);
            register_sidebar_widget($name, $i <= $number ? 'widget_breukiescategories' : /* unregister */ '', '', $i);
            register_widget_control($name, $i <= $number ? 'widget_breukiescategories_control' : /* unregister */ '', 460, 400, $i);


    for ($i = 1; $i <= $number; $i++) {
            $name = 'Breukie\'s Categories ' . $i;
            register_sidebar_widget($name, 'widget_breukiescategories', $i);
            register_widget_control($name, 'widget_breukiescategories_control', 460, 400, $i);

    hope this helps.

    safish: THANK YOU! You saved my day :). I’ve been having the same problem as suzume but your piece of code worked as a charm. Code really is poetry :).

    OK, since the resolution of the first problem got me all up and going 😀 I was wondering if someone knows a way to use the same widget with
    <img src="http://images/my_image.jpg" width="150" height="34">
    as a title – so the heading in the sidebar would be replaced by an image, but the functionality of the widget would stay the same. I tried it now, but the code string seems to somehow not agree with the code of the widget (the first one came out OK, but when I tried to add more widgets, the sidebar came out a total mess). Any ideas?

    Problem solved :). I didn’t actually figure out how to do it with Breukie’s categories, but I found an alternative that can do it (and lots and lots of other cool stuff with it).

    WordPress Navigation List Plugin NAVT

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