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  • For weeks I tried trials, demos, and even went so far as to purchase a couple form generators, only needing to request a refund because none of them worked for our purpose. Breezing Forms is the ONLY form generator I have found that allows for easy flexibility, i.e., placing two fields on the same line without having to enter code, enabling pagination for a multiple page form, and providing affordable options to access support…
    And speaking of support, I did have a problem early on in creating a form, and couldn’t find the answer in the forum nor in any of the documentation, so needed professional support from Breezing Forms’ creative team, Crosstec, and they were very responsive — within minutes I was up and running!

    Thunderous applause, Crosstec team and your amazing Breezing Forms — I am thrilled that I found your plugin!

    Christie Michelle

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