• Noticed the styling on my client’s website broke about once every 24 hours. Very frustrating to deal with.

    Opened a support ticket with Cloudways and honestly they have not been very helpful at all – I basically had to do all of the technical debugging to isolate this issue (even though I’m not really a web developer!)

    Inspecting the network traffic on my website, noticed that one of the css files generated by Spectra for Spectra blocks would 404 Not Found every 24 hours, which is when the Breeze plugin autocleared the cache.

    I checked in all of the settings of the cache and tried to figure out how to get Breeze to ignore caching certain directories – no dice.

    I have since removed Breeze from all of my Cloudways websites. The websites are now working without the styling issues from before.

    Too bad, I want to use Breeze since it is the recommended plugin by Cloudways – but as long as it breaks my site there’s no way it’s worth the frustration constantly having to fix my client’s site breaking.

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  • Plugin Author adeelkhan


    Apologies for any inconvenience you may be experiencing. Our support team has promptly escalated your case to the Breeze team. They are currently investigating the matter and will reach out to you with updates shortly.

    Plugin Author owaisalam


    As per providing information regarding a 404 error encountered in the CSS file located in the UAG folder within the styles of the Spectra plugin. The error is observed when the user utilizes patterns directly from their Starter Template Plugin.

    Upon receiving the concern, our team diligently attempted to replicate the issue by following the steps provided. However, despite our efforts, we were unable to reproduce the error.

    For clarity and transparency, I have outlined the steps we followed for replication:

    1. Installation of the following plugins and theme:
      • Spectra and Starter Templates plugins
      • Astra Theme (activated)
    2. Building a new template with the Starter Templates plugin, while ensuring that Breeze is enabled with its caching and minification options.

    Following the completion of the template launch, we meticulously monitored for any console errors and CSS file breaks. However, our efforts did not yield any such errors or breaks.

    Furthermore, to assist you better in understanding our process, I have recorded a video capturing the entire procedure. You can access the video through the attached link for further insight.

    Should there be any additional steps or details we may have overlooked, kindly provide them to us. We are committed to resolving this issue promptly and ensuring the seamless functionality of our plugins.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to your response.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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