• This plugin should be removed from the repository as it has zero functionality unless you sign up for a paid account.

    You cannot even test to see if the plugin works before committing to a subscription.

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    Each of the plans for the plugin includes a free 14-day trial period that can be cancelled at any time before the subscription to the plan you selected starts. Subscriptions can also be cancelled month-to-month once they’re active.

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    This plugin should be removed from the repository as it has zero functionality unless you sign up for a paid account.


    It doesn’t break any rules. Trialware is not allowed in the repository but that’s when the plugin code contains the restrictions. That would be bad.

    Here’s what the plugin page states.

    That is, the Clipchamp Video Uploader and Webcam Recorder adds the features of the Clipchamp API to your WordPress-based website.

    This is software as a service. The code here is not limited in anyway but the API uses an external service and that portion is limited on the service side. That is permitted and many plugins such as this one are merely and interface to an external service.

    @jdembowski – What SaaS provider would put the restrictions in the plugin, where they can be easily removed?

    This plugin had zero functionality, not even trial functionality, until you give them credit card details. The plugin description was deceptive because it did not, even once, mention this vital detail.

    I now see, however, that they have introduced a free tier which, apparently, does not require a credit card. This is more ethical and, I am confident, will be far more successful in attracting users, some of whom will become paid users.

    I will take another look at the service later and change my review if it is, indeed, actually possible to test the service.


    I took the time to re-install the plugin, to see if they are now allowing WordPress users to at least make a couple of test videos before having to hand over their credit card details.

    They DO have a Free plan, no credit card details required, which gives you 5 test videos, but this plugin cannot connect to that plan, WordPress users must go straight to a package which, if you forget to cancel it in time, will start charging your card.

    So, my original criticism stands. Whatever the rules may technically be, this plugin completely misses the spirit of this repository. A plugin that gives you zero functionality unless you give them your credit card is going to receive nothing but one-stars from (non-fake) reviewers, and they will completely miss out on the opportunity to demo their service to the massive WordPress audience. Insane. None of the other webcam recording plugins do this.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by  Donnacha.
    Plugin Author tobra


    @donnacha thanks for the feedback, we just released an update to the plugin and our API where we don’t require a payment method to be added at the beginning of the trial period anymore, see https://clipchamp.com/en/pricing/api-access. We had this in planning for some time but as things go it took a bit longer than originally thought to get it in place. We’ll be releasing additional updates over the coming weeks but I wanted to get in touch now that this initial update is available. We’re new to the WordPress world with this being our first plugin so happy to learn to make it a better fit!


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