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  • This plugin has some incredibly awesome functionality! Thank you so much for it!

    BUT… I just realized it’s causing some serious issues on whatever page I have the shortcode. Most obviously, the sidebar disappears or moves mostly down the page depending on the shortcode options enabled. Less obviously but more worryingly, the sidebar widget contents are being affected – for example the “recent posts” widget is now no longer pulling posts from the main website it’s on, but instead pulling them from one of the “child” sites!

    I tried deleting all the plugin files and reinstalling it twice. It’s still happening. …I am so confused. 🙁

    Help? Please?

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  • …Nevermind. I fixed it by editing the spdm-shortcode-slider-multisite.php file as follows:

    1) Removing one of the </div> tags at the end of the code*
    2) Adding an opening tag for the thumbnail section:

    // if thumbnails-bottom run thumbnails loop
    if($slider_layout =='thumbnails-bottom'|| $slider_layout =='thumbnails-side'){
        <div id="nav_thumbnail">
        <ul id="nav_thumb" class="clearfix"><?php

    3) Also using restore_current_blog() after the two places in the code where wp_reset_postdata(); is used (I’m not sure if this is correct, but it worked to get the rest of the page after the plugin shortcode (sidebar data, in this case) back to reflecting the current blog)

    *** There are some if statements that open up div tags, namely the ones used for numbered navigation. I’m not using this, but I imagine that if you ARE calling those statements, you would then need to leave in the last closing <div> tag. Better yet, someone should add in another conditional statement at the end to close the div tags automatically depending on the layout used.

    …I hope this helps!

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