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  • Hi there,

    Love the plug-in, been using it for a few years.

    But I just noticed that it now breaks a part of another great plug-in: All-in-One Event Calendar (, currently in version 1.9.1).

    When going to Dashboard > Events > Calendar Feeds, there is a section called Feed Subscriptions that has two tabs, ICS and Facebook Feeds. With Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu (version 3.6.4) activated, there is nothing below the tab headings. When disabled, the tab headings and their contents display and function properly.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again.

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  • There’s also a similar problem on my dev site with these 2 plugins. My usual way to access the calendar settings is under the Events main dashboard menu, from where you then select Settings and 3 tabs appear. with the Drop Down menu active, there is nothing below the tab headings in the Settings option.

    There is an additional way to get to this screen however, using the WP Dashboard Settings menu and then choosing Calendar. This goes to the same screen as the one described above, but in this case the settings screen does appear correctly under the tab headings.

    If the Drop Down Menu plugin is deactivated, both menus appear correctly.

    So this isn’t a show stopper as there is a way round it, but it may help in building the picture if there is a wider problem.

    I’d like to use this plugin, but if it break All-in-One-Event-Calendar, then I’m out, unfortunately. Ai1EC is pretty sweet, and I use it for a number of sites.

    But I’d really like to be able to use this menuing plugin, as it does pretty much exactly the kind of thing I was looking for (exposing all or most of the admin area functions via the Admin Bar, including, I assume, while viewing the public-facing site? That is, easy navigation from viewing public-face site directly to the specific admin area you need w/o a bunch of intermediate steps).

    So, if whatever this Ai1EC conflict is could be quashed, I’m in. ^_^

    If you need help figuring the conflict, I’m sure the friendly folks over at would be happy to work with you on inter-compatibility. ^_^

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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