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    The Meow Gallery block does not even appear in the profiles configuration settings. But the Meow Gallery block not only doesn’t appear in Gutenberg, Advanced Gutenberg prevents gallery blocks from being converted to Meow Gallery.

    I also experience the breakage of the Elementor Gutenberg block (reported by someone else).

    I like being able to disable extra crap like Google Maps, which kills pageload times. But I need to have the blocks that I don’t disable.

    Will watch for an update.

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  • Plugin Author JoomUnited



    Thanks for reporting, we’ll take a look at that gallery problem.
    Can you give me more details about the Elementor issue?


    I explained in that thread to keep the different issues separate, though they may be related, because the issue is the same: The plugin’s Gutenberg block does not appear in the Gutenberg interface nor in the long display of Gutenberg blocks under the Advanced Gutenberg profile configurations. After disabling Advanced Gutenberg, the blocks (for Meow and Elementor) reappear in Gutenberg.

    The latest update does not show the Meow block in configuration, but the block is at least available in Gutenberg. Yay. Now I can resume disabling all the Google Maps blocks.

    Plugin Author JoomUnited



    That’s better. What configuration are we talking about, is it the Advanced Gutenberg default block configuration?


    Right. There still seems to be a problem in the Advanced Gutenberg default block configuration (which is where the real power of your plugin resides for me — to be able to disable blocks I never use!). is a screenshot of the bottom of that screen on one of my sites. As you can see:

    Premium Blocks for Gutenberg have some kind of issue with the label, with some markup escaped.

    Elementor Library block has only a group heading, no blocks.

    Meow Gallery has no heading or block setting at all. Meow has only one block widget, and one of its features is within Gutenberg, being able to convert a core gallery block into a Meow block with all kinds of dynamic configurations.

    Before your update, neither the Elementor Library block nor Meow block did not appear within Gutenberg, and Meow’s conversion function from a gallery to a Meow Gallery was disabled as well. So the unrecognized blocks were disabled by default.

    Since your update, the Meow Block and Elementor Library blocks function, but they are still having issues appearing in the configuration.

    (Also, the carats next to the fieldgroup section headings suggest that they’re supposed to be able to collapse, but they don’t for me. I don’t know if this is new or it’s always been this way. Could be a conflict? Anyway, thought I’d mention it.)

    I hope this is helpful. It must be interesting to develop at Gutenberg’s bleeding edge.

    Plugin Author JoomUnited


    OK thanks for the complete feedback, we’ll check if those blocks are properly declared and why they does not appear properly (or does not appear at all).


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