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    This seems to break contact form 7…specifically the admin menu item for cf7 (Contact) disappears. I tried exporting, deleting, reinstalling, but upon activation, cf7 disappears.

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    Hi @chochochocosensei

    Many thanks for contacting us.

    We actually use both Contact Form 7 and our own plugin extensively on numerous websites and have never had this problem.

    Of course we would like to get to the bottom of this so could you confirm which versions of WordPress and Contact Form 7 you are using?

    Also, are you seeing any errors or relevant PHP warnings/errors in your log files



    Thank you for the reply.

    THis is what I have learned so far:

    It turns out that installing several other content block plugins also have the same effect:

    Reusable Text Blocks By Hal Gatewood
    Content Blocks (Custom Post Widget) By Johan van der WijkZ
    Reusable Contents by Egza
    Widget Content Blocks By Danny van Kooten

    On the other hand, the Blocks plugin by Renzo Johnson seems to work, but it is not entirely trustworthy as a plugin as support is problematic.

    None of my other plugins are affected.
    no relevant php errors …

    Any clues?

    wordpress is the 4.8.2, cf7 is the latest, etc. all plugins up to date.

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    That’s very odd.

    We’ve just had an update to WordPress on our dev site and we don’t get that problem. We’ve double-checked other websites we work on (as mentioned we use both our plugin and Contact Form 7 together extensively) and we don’t get the issue.

    The only time we’ve seen items disappear from the WordPress admin menu (unrelated to this plugin) is when plugins define a custom post type and specify the “menu_position” for the post type … incidentally this is a known WordPress issue, which is why we don’t do it in our plugin and it’s something that seems to get triggered when a certain number of custom post types are added by the various plugins used.

    My guess is you have another plugin (maybe even your theme) defining a custom post type and also specifying “menu_position”, which triggers the issue when you activate one of the content block plugins.

    Are you able to one by one deactivate and then reactivate the other plugins (leaving our plugin and Contact Form 7 activated) to see if at any point the menu item reappears?

    If the above does not work, are you able to temporarily switch your theme to one of the standard WordPress themes to see if that works? (Some themes define their own custom post types … e.g. Portfolio, etc.)

    Again thanks for the reply. Just to be clear, I don’t actually mean to imply that I think your plugin is the culprit, but your input, especially the clue about custom post types, is very helpful in helping me find the source. It seemed quite odd that all the problem plugins were of the same type, so I thought perhaps something they might have in common could be a clue. I will try the procedure you mentioned …. though I wish there were a simpler way to do so…will update…

    Okay, so it looks like profile grid is the culprit. But the behavior is very weird: If your plugin is disabled, profile grid and cf7 work fine together. If your plugin is enabled, the profile grid seems to disable cf7. Whack-a-mole! I am reaching out to profile grid and cf7…
    here are the support threads:
    profile grid (post still under moderation…):

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    Firstly, not to worry. Your support post is actually much appreciated. Every post on the support forum helps us bug-fix and improve our plugin and as the authors we actually want to know if it causes problems so we can fix it.

    On the matter at hand, we’ve just installed and activated ProfileGrid on our dev site and there seems to be no issue with the three plugins running together.

    I’m wondering if this is a permissions/capabilities clash. Not having the exact configuration of theme/plugins at this end, we’re having difficulty recreating the issue.

    wow. okay. What is the best way for me to send you the information you need. Can I set up a private communications channel?…Exactly what information do you need?

    By the by, I did a search in my database for “menu_position” and turned up 4 results. I can send you that information if necessary…

    Houston, we have liftoff!!! Profile Grid to the rescue…they fixed the issue in their latest update!!!

    Thank you soooooooooooo much for your time and help in pointing me in the right direction. I never would have figured it out without your help! I am so happy that I will be able to use your plugin, cause hard coding everything was really a drag!

    a beautiful picture

    Plugin Author Loomisoft


    Excellent news! Glad to hear it and glad to be of help!

    … and major kudos to ProfileGrid for the speedy update.

    Hope you enjoy our plugin.

    As always, if you have any problems or questions, do let us know.

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