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    First of all, thank you for building this fantastic plugin! It is very much needed. Indeed I intend to have a published list of Recommended Plugins for the users of my plugins—under the name AddFunc.

    Unfortunately, HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter breaks the QuickTags in one of my plugins (AddFunc Adaptive Content), so I can’t recommend it until that is fixed. My plugin uses the standard method of implementing QuickTags, so there isn’t anything practical that I can do from my end. I think you have a fundamental issue with how you’re inserting your buttons and dropdown menu, as other plugins (per this ticket) are breaking from your’s as well. I looked at your un-minified and it looks like you’re adding the default WordPress QuickTags back into the editor, which would explain why those ones still work. Of course, to make other QuickTags work, you can’t include every QuickTag from every other plugin and theme in the WordPress repository in your script, obviously.

    So a far better solution would be not to interfere with how the QuickTags are added and to simply insert your own using the standard method. Or if that wouldn’t work (since your buttons need to do more that standard QuickTags do), insert your buttons outside of the editor altogether, maybe just hide it with CSS when Visual mode is selected. I think you’ll find that this will fix a good handful of the support tickets you have.

    But that’s just my idea of a workable approach, and naturally you know your plugin better than I do. Please see what you can do to enable this great plugin to allow any and all standardly implemented QuickTags to function properly.

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  • Plugin Author James Bradford


    Yup. The plugin is fundamentally flawed in the way it initializes in the editor.

    It should be loading codemirror.js as a TinyMCE plugin and should not overwrite the native buttons with copies.

    I’m working on a 2.0 that should fix this, but it will take some time because so much will need to be changed.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Thanks Arnie! This plug-in does two things my users need (HTML highlighting and Cmd+S is nice too). But I’ve implemented a lot of custom QuickTags in the plain text editor, and removed several native ones, and enabling this plug-in overwrites my changes. I want to have the color highlighting without losing my own QuickTags, is there any way to do this yet?


    (And I can obviously edit hesh.min.js to control what buttons are there and what they do, which is what I plan on doing for now, but then I need to back that file up and do a delta whenever the plugin is updated. In any case, thanks for your great work.

    Plugin Author James Bradford


    The plugin should integrate with your QuickTags in v2.0


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