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    Hi there.

    This plugin is working fine for 4 of the sites on our WP 3.83 multisite installation, but is breaking for one. On one site only, only the top row of editing tools will appear, with no access to the 2nd row.

    Per your troubleshooting tips:

    –As you have directed, this is not network-activated. It is active from each individual site’s plugin manager–and the plugin is definitely activated on the broken site.

    –The top row of editing tools displaying only happens for all Editors on this site. (It does not happen for Admin users. None of the users has the visual editor disabled in their settings.

    –The Visual and Text tabs are both showing, and you can toggle between them. When in the Visual tab, it’s black and the Text tab is grey.

    Additionally, this site is using the same framework theme (Headway Base) and the same plugins as other sites where this is working fine. So I don’t think it’s a plugin or theme conflict. I’ve also checked it in both Chrome and Firefox (in case it was specific to Chrome only), and the problem happens in both.

    Any other clues as to why this may be breaking on this site only? It’s a handy tool that is much appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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  • My sincere apologies for the delay. I’m not sure why, but I don’t get an e-mail on the first problem reported on each of my plugins.

    I’ll be back very shortly with some ideas.

    Since you are not yet using Version 3.9 of WordPress, you may want to test the previous version of the plugin, Version 2.0.1. This would just be a temporary solution as it won’t work with Version 3.9 of WordPress.

    In the meantime, I’ll research the possibilities with Version 3.0 of my plugin.

    No clues by reading the code, or by testing on my existing main test system, so I am going to try and replicate your setup on my test system.

    Excellent News! I have successfully re-created this problem on my Test System with a fresh install of 3.8.3 Network.

    This greatly simplifies my debug efforts. I’ll report back as soon as I have figured out the problem, and solution.

    Thanks for your patience!

    Version 3.1 has been released to fix this problem. The redesign for Version 3.0 neglected to handle the Settings Prefix, e.g. – “wp_3_”, that is used for the second and subsequent Sites in a WordPress Network. This was corrected in Version 3.1.

    Please let me know if you still see any errors.

    Hi there. Wow, thanks so much for your quick response and action at finding and fixing the culprit!

    I just installed the 3.1 update, and so far, so good in the 2 sites I tested with Editor permissions. Seems to be working well so far. Will let you know if any new odd behavior shows up as a result.

    Many thanks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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