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  1. Obstructionist
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Okay, this problem has been posted before, but no one has ever resolved it. The theme I use, Breaking News, doesn't show comments I the front-end. I can see the comments from the dashboard and the Permalink area says that there *are* comments, but when you click on the post, nothing is listed. Here's what I've tried so far: I've turned off all plugins this didn't work (which I should have known because no other theme is giving me this problem), I got rid of all widgets, I re-installed the theme. Nothing. Now, I'm not much of a PHPer but I compared the two comments.php and single.php with those of a theme that worked. But I can't find the problem. If I'm sure of anything, I'm sure that the issue is in the single.php:

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    	<?php if (have_posts()) : ?>
    		<div id="sidebarB">
    			<?php comments_template(); ?>
    		<div id="content">
    			<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); $loop2counter++; ?>
    				<div class="post" id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>">
    					<h2><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" hrel="bookmark" title="Permalink: <?php the_title(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2>
    					<p class="details_small">
    						<?php the_category(', ') ?>
    						<?php comments_popup_link(__('Comments (0)'), __('Comments (1)'), __('Comments (%)')); ?>
    					<?php the_content("<em>Continue on page " . $post->ID . "</em>"); ?>
    					<?php wp_link_pages(array('before' => '<strong>Pages:</strong> ', 'after' => '
    ', 'next_or_number' => 'number')); ?>
    					<p class="date"><?php the_author(); ?> @ <?php the_time('F j, Y') ?>
    			<?php endwhile; ?>
    			<?php if ('open' == $post-> comment_status) : ?>
    				<h2 id="respond"><?php _e("Leave a comment"); ?></h2>
    				<?php if ( get_option('comment_registration') && !$user_ID ) : ?>
    					<a href="<?php echo get_option('siteurl'); ?>/wp-login.php?redirect_to=<?php the_permalink(); ?>">Login</a>
    				<?php else : ?>
    					<form action="<?php echo get_option('siteurl'); ?>/wp-comments-post.php" method="post" id="commentform">
    						<?php if ( $user_ID ) : ?>
    							Logged in as <a href="<?php echo get_option('siteurl'); ?>/wp-admin/profile.php"><?php echo $user_identity; ?></a>. <a href="<?php echo get_option('siteurl'); ?>/wp-login.php?action=logout" title="<?php _e('Log out of this account') ?>">Logout</a>
    						<?php else : ?>
    							<input type="text" name="author" id="author" value="<?php echo $comment_author; ?>" size="22" tabindex="1" />
    							<label for="author"><small>Name: <?php if ($req) _e('(required)'); ?></small></label>
    							<input type="text" name="email" id="email" value="<?php echo $comment_author_email; ?>" size="22" tabindex="2" />
    							<label for="email"><small>Email: (will not be published) <?php if ($req) _e('(required)'); ?></small></label>
    							<input type="text" name="url" id="url" value="<?php echo $comment_author_url; ?>" size="22" tabindex="3" />
    							<label for="url"><small>Web site</small></label>
    						<?php endif; ?>
    						<p class="allowed-tags"><small><strong>XHTML:</strong>  <?php _e('You can use these tags:'); ?> <?php echo allowed_tags(); ?></small>
    						<textarea name="comment" id="comment" cols="100%" rows="10" tabindex="4"></textarea>
    						<input name="submit" type="submit" id="submit" tabindex="5" value="<?php _e("Leave a comment"); ?>"/>
    						<input type="hiddem" name="comment_post_ID" value="<?php echo $id; ?>" />
    						<?php do_action('comment_form', $post->ID); ?>
    				<?php endif; ?>
    			<?php else : ?>
    				<p class="nocomments"><?php _e('Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.'); ?>
    			<?php endif; ?>
    			<div class="navigation">
    				<h2>More articles</h2>
    				<div><?php previous_post_link('Previous: %link') ?></div>
    				<div><?php next_post_link('Next: %link') ?></div>
    	<?php else : ?>
    		<div id="sidebarB">
    			<h2>Breaking News</h2>
    				<?php wp_get_archives('type=postbypost&limit=15'); ?>
    				<?php wp_list_bookmarks(); ?>
    		<div id="content">
    			<h2>Not found</h2>
    			<?php _e('Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.'); ?>
    	<?php endif; ?>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    I'd really appreciate some help here. I really like this theme, but can't not have comments and will have to dump if this doesn't get figured out. Thanks.

  2. lavrai
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I would appreciate some assistance with this as well... In an older post on this same comments problem, someone mentioned that they had discovered and extra semicolon on about line 20 column 50 in the singe post php, but I don't see what he could be talking about....

    I really dig this theme and don't want to have to dump it... anyone have any suggestions?

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