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  • We are a photography company and when we upload images they come into a post all in one chunk.

    When I break them into blocks it creates a section under each image that says “resolve image” or “convert to HTML”.

    How can I upload a large number of images into a post as individual blocks since converting them seems to cause problems?

    How do I add an image to this so I can show what I am talking about?


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    You can use to share a screenshot here.

    For the posts now though, try adding the images via an Image Block: (you can choose an already-uploaded image).

    Or, try a Gallery Block: (you can constantly add new images to the same Gallery Block).

    Thanks, James. Very Helpful. I uploaded some images using the service you talked about.

    So the issue is the images come in as a gallery when uploaded.

    This image shows how I am changing the images from a gallery to individual image blocks.

    Once I transform the gallery from a gallery to individual blocks this happens.

    I end up having to resolve every single image which takes a ton of time for 30 images on every post and we do about 400 posts per year.

    How can I upload a group of images into individual blocks on upload and not on an individual image basis?

    Thanks for your Help 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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