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    Hey there!

    Does anybody know a workaround to get this nice Plugin to work together with Gravity Forms and W3TC?

    Some people wrote that is needed to exclude all Forms from caching, but we have a form in our sidebar, so we need to find another way.

    If we refresh our complete W3TC Cache it works nice. But after a while the captchas are disappeared ?

    Any idea how to fix this without exclude the pages from caching ?

    We use Page-Cache with disc-extended. We also use Browsercaching and Minify.

    Best regards

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  • I don’t have a solution, but I am having the same problem and I suspect it’s more a problem with BackupBuddy. First it hung on the W3TC cache files and I excluded them (not ideal, but a troubleshooting step). With cache files excluded, BuB hung on two Captcha forms which didn’t even exist in the FTP’s file structure. Going to try another backup solution; you might as well.

    Hey jmek,

    thanks, but I don´t use BackupBuddy..

    It seems that this captcha isn´t good to use with caching-tools like W3TC, so I erase it. To exclude any page for a captcha isn´t an option for me..

    I´ve insert 3 own making Honeypot´s and one field that needs an exactly value. Description to this field is a little quiz like: Insert result of three plus 4 as a number. Here the user needs to input: 7

    After create this fields, I connect the appearance of the input-button (inside the form-settings) with this fields. That means, if one of the Honeypot-fields (position: absolute; z-index: -5; and display:none; and visibility:hidden; – on this way they are not reachable for human customers) get any value, the Button disappear and the form can´t be sent. And if the other field get another value than 7, the button disappear, too.

    That works pretty fine for me. Since 5 days no spam, one plugin fewer and it´s cacheable without any sort of issues.. If you get spam after a while on this way, just change the quiz..

    Hope that helps you, too..

    Very clever approach. Thanks for sharing.

    You´re welcome.. Hope it helps you and other users..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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