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  • Is there a way to display breadcrumbs on a post that contain parent and child page links instead of category links?

    I’m not using Categories. I have several custom taxonomies attached to Posts, so I want to use them to create an “if post is in this custom taxonomy, then show this parent and child page breadcrumb”.


    If “Maytag 3000″ post is in the “Dishwashers” custom taxonomy then I’d want the breadcrumb to be:

    Home >> Appliances >> Dishwashers >> Maytag 3000

    The “Appliances” link goes to the parent Appliance Page (that I created) and “Dishwashers” link goes to the child Dishwasher Page (that I created).

    Note: I am using WordPress SEO’s Breadcrumbs at the moment for breadcrumbs on my pages, but it doesn’t solve my problem for my posts.

    I would prefer to create my own breadcrumbs.php for this to avoid future clashes with WordPress SEO’s updates.

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