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  • bmaynes


    I have searched high and low for anything that will display breadcrumbs in WP search results, to no avail.

    I am currently using the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin and it works great. My WordPress site is an online developer documentation repository made up of multiple API integration guides with hundreds of pages of API integration content. If a user performs a keyword search, it returns a single word result but doesn’t differentiate the specific guide that that result links to. I’d like to have a breadcrumb to each search result be displayed so they know where they’re going to view a specific search result topic.

    For example, if I search for “identity token”, I’d like the search results to display something like:

    Home > API Developer’s Guide #1 > Sign-On Authentication > Identity Tokens
    Home > API Developer’s Guide #2 > Single Sign-On Workflow > Identity Tokens
    Home > API Developer’s Guide #3 > Authorize Operation > Identity Tokens

    Each item in the breadcrumb hierarchy would then link to its appropriate page.

    Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on how I can accomplish this?


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