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    It looks like Yoast isn’t correctly recognising that WordPress is installed in a subfolder (example.com/blog/). So the Yoast breadcrumbs don’t show the true homepage at all, and ‘home’ links to the subfolder URL.

    So you get:-
    Home (example.com/blog/) > Category > Post Name
    When it should be:-
    Home (example.com) > Blog (example.com/blog/) > Category > Post Name

    There doesn’t appear to be any setting for this, so how do I get it to properly reflect the structure of the site?

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    …what you’re asking for — plugin changes and specific code for your site…

    Almost walked away, but that’s just not reflective.

    I’m not asking for changes – I’m pointing out a bug (or ‘functional gap’ if you prefer).

    Nor am I asking asking for specific code for my site – it’s generic code applicable to thousands of sites (that are either not using the Yoast breadcrumbs or don’t realise/care that their breadcrumbs don’t work properly).

    If you’re able to refer this to the developers that would be useful – thank you.

    Plugin Support Md Mazedul Islam Khan


    We appreciate you for clarifying everything and we understand how frustrating it could be for you when seeing a feature from a popular plugin like ours don’t work as expected.

    After reading the whole conversation, we still don’t believe that it’s a bug. However, we’d love to forward this to our development teams as well so they can look into this further.

    We currently track bug reports directly at our GitHub development repository. So, we recommend you please submit a bug report directly at our GitHub development repository where our development team will look into this further for you. In addition, they’ll communicate with you over there as well if needed.

    Thanks for taking the time to share everything with us. Have a great day!

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    You: it’s something that we can bring to the attention of the developers.

    Me: thanks

    You: we’d love to forward this to our development teams… so please submit a bug report…

    …sound of head bouncing off bricks…

    Plugin Support devnihil


    Whereas we can understand not being particularly excited about submitting a bug report, if the plugin is functioning in a way you think is incorrect this is very much necessary if you want it to be changed. Even if the developers don’t agree that what is reported as a bug is one and the issue is closed, this report is able to then be found by other users. And if a large number of users comment and agree that it is an issue, this can cause the issue to be reconsidered.

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    You missed the point completely, again. This is the problem when one person doesn’t own a support thread and everyone just randomly chimes in, there’s no continuity, no consistency.

    Read the QUOTES in my previous comment. One of you says you’ll pass it on to the devs – so I say thanks – then the next one of you says file a bug report..!?

    Fix it or don’t – I’m done.

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