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  • Hello,
    I hope somebody could help me with breadcrumbs for a structure where I have Page-(sub)Page-post(1)/post(2)/post(3). (for design arrangement)

    Now because posts have categories with the same name as pages, the very pages get messed up.

    This is an example:
    Soups (page)
    Cold soups (page)
    Cold soup 1 (post)
    Cold soup 2 (post) etc.

    I give “cold soup 1” categories Soups, Cold soups; then the page Soups (that can’t have a category since it is a page) gets messed up because it has the same name/slug as the parental category “soups”.
    I wouldn’t want to change the name of the slug for the page since i would like to have the same thing both in breadcrumbs and in url:
    Home>Soups>Cold soups>Cold-soup1

    Is it possible to do something with this?
    Many thanks!

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