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  • Hello Breadcrumb NavXT

    I am using your plugin v 5.0.1 on a WordPress v 3.8.3 blog (but about to update to v3.9) running Thesis 2.1.

    I have set up your plugin and it is largely working great, thank you!

    However, there is one small problem. When I go to my archive of categories from a text link (e.g. post is categorised in Resources), the breadcrumbs display correctly. (e.g. Home >> Category >> Subcategory). But when I get to this category list via the WordPress dropdown menu of categories, the Breadcrumb seems unable to track this – And displays only Home >>

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? Would you have any advice on how I can fix it?

    Many thanks,

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  • Plugin Author John Havlik


    I just tried reproducing this on my testbed, using the built in Categories widget, set to drop down mode, on the twenty fourteen theme. I am not seeing the same behavior you are seeing. Can you ensure the URL you are going to for both category archives is the same? Also, could you enable WP_DEBUG (in your wp-config.php) to see if any PHP warnings or errors show up?

    Hello John

    Many thanks for your reply.

    That’s a good point – they Don’t actually go to the same URL. For example the list of categories via a text link on a post page goes to the URL in words – for example as opposed to the same content via the category dropdown which gets routed as

    Let me try to maybe change the routing of how those links are handled as I think your point is that if they’re going to the same exact URL then they will display the same way.


    Plugin Author John Havlik


    Yes, if they load the same resource the breadcrumb trail should be the same. An interesting thing here is WordPress isn’t redirecting you away from the ?cat=4 version to the /category/stories/observations/ version. Normally, WordPress will do this redirection (my testbed does this and I know I did not configure it). You may want to disable all plugins other than Breadcrumb NavXT to see if there is plugin that isn’t getting along well with Breadcrumb NavXT (or is just doing something wrong).

    Thanks a lot John. Very interesting to hear that in your test bed that redirect happens automatically. Yes, let me work through the other plugins and see if there is some other problem there. Alternatively, I have been able to set up redirects via the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin which effectively send the ?cat=4 version to the /category/stories/observations/ version – This helps the breadcrumbs display properly, and also fixes a problem I was having with those pages not always displaying on their correct template. So thanks for your help, which gave me insight into how to fix two problems at once!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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