• I want to use the breadcrumbs feature but need to eliminate the “Post page” from showing.

    as it is now.

    Homepage > Posts page > Category > My Post…

    want to show.

    Homepage > Category > My Post…

    can not have the post page link showing, how can this be done,


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  • Hello,

    Can you link to your site so that I can check it? Are you using any SEO plugin? You can see it on the OceamWP demo site where it is working correctly –

    Hi Amit, its is working correctly and yes i’m using Yoast SEO. I’m also using Ultimate Member and part of the website is for member users only. this is why i need to hide the Posts page in the breadcrumbs. non-members can view a post open to all, but, if this person clicks on the Post page url in breadcrumbs they can view post for members only, of course if non-members click to view full post they are unable to do so but they have already seen too much info.

    I need to be able to hide the link in breadcrumbs to the Post page, non-members would only have the option the click on an open Categories or Homepage.

    On your Demo site, the breadcrumbs is… Home > Blog > Traditional > Post title..
    Traditional looks to be a Category and Blog is the Post page.
    I would want to hide the Blog link in the breadcrumbs.

    this link is a screenshot of my breadcrumbs

    The only option i see is to disable Breadcrumbs in Customizing ▸ General Options
    Page Title. but then i lose a nice feature!

    Please see the screenshot of the demo site. there is no Blog page link in the breadcrumb –

    Have you checked the Yoast SEO breadcrumb settings? Also, check the permalink settings and remove the ‘post page’ if you have added in your link structure.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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