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  • Hi – me again – so sorry
    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to place breadcrumbs between category pages eg cat-1,cat-2, cat-3 etc. – sort of like a backlink to the previous cate page?
    I can hardcode it – but is there a tag? – my brain has blured over codex and Im still coming to grips with WP 🙂
    Thank you for the perseverance.

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  • Murry: It’s there automatically. It displays the number of “posts” you set in your options, say 5, and then 6 through 11 are shown on page 2 clicked via the link at the bottom of the category list page, and so on. It’s automatic.

    Have you been to the WordPress Codex and gone through the beginners and WordPress Lessons sections?

    Sorry Lorelle, Ive been asking a lot of questions lately, and you seem to be answering – you deserve a coffee.
    I was not clear – yes the crumbs are there within a categorys posts.
    What I mean is navigation down from say Home as in :
    Home>>Sports>>Fishing>>”the post Im looking at”
    Where in this case Home is a static home page with home-slug.
    It should be but Im not familiar with WP yet (at all) 🙂

    Don’t drink the stuff, but thanks. Everyone pitches in, but a lot of people are gone for vacation, so you get me. I don’t vacation. 😉

    What you are looking for, which you did finally explain well, can be found at or in the under breadcrumbs or navigation.

    The problem I had with these is that they list the post title, by default, and unless they were updated per frequent request. They only work on posts (not categories pages).

    Have you taken time to go through the various Lessons and how to steps in the Codex? You’ll find a lot of neat ways of doing things in there. We’re adding to it all the time.

    So you mean like a previous and next category tag? I don’t think it has anything like that.

    OK – thanks – I will hardcode – done part already.
    Thankyou for the answer 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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