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  • I think the only solution is to use
    <span property=”itemListElement” typeof=”ListItem”><span property=”name”>%htitle%</span><meta property=”position” content=”%position%”></span>

    also pfor the last item but replace href=”%link%” with the current url
    how is it possible to do that? is there another variable for href like %current% ?

    this change should be done inside the php files of your plugin
    I’ll wait your answer
    this problems happens on every website


    Plugin Author John Havlik


    This was already brought up in this thread:

    To generate fully ‘compliant’ you can set “Link Current Item” in the settings page. However, the Google Structured Data Testing Tool wasn’t reading it correctly if you fetch from a URL rather than paste in the markup (as of earlier this week, may be fixed now).

    Otherwise, if you do not want to link the current item, it appears, according to that the metadata should not be included. I’ll change this in the default settings, but you’ll need to update your settings. Replace things such as:
    <span property="itemListElement" typeof="ListItem"><span property="name">%htitle%</span><meta property="position" content="%position%"></span>

    enabling the option about link on the current item, the html seems ok, like other voices, but Google’s tool doesn’t see the id = url and reports different url and gives many errors.
    it is very strange.
    The best solution is to active the link for the current item, it used in other cms.
    if you want I can show you on this website to help you to solve this problem


    I’ve solved this problem (using the same solution of prestashop 1.7)
    activing the “link current item”
    and using this code for both solutions with and without link

    <span itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope itemtype=""><a itemprop="item" typeof="WebPage" title="Go to %title%." href="%link%" class="%type%"><span itemprop="name">%htitle%</span></a><meta itemprop="position" content="%position%"></span>

    you can testt this page

    I hope you can help others with this solution


    it is necessary to include all in a dive like this

    <div class="breadcrumbs" itemscope="" itemtype="">
    <?php bcn_display(); ?>

    I have the same original issue as the OP @maofree and for some reason his solution does not work for me. When I try that all I get is the 4th (current page) in the breadcrumbs in Google validator – the 1, 2 and 3 breadcrumbs are completely missing in Google (but shown in the site).

    All I want to do is have all my breadcrumbs showing in Google validator (including the current page/post) and the current page/post NOT being linked. If I try that using the usual methods I get the errors OP refers to above:

    google sees other url like:

    The property of an object of type WebPage is not recognized by Google.

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    I would double check the HTML markup generated by Breadcrumb NavXT and see if there is anything off in it. In general each breadcrumb should have the same or similar markup structure to comply with the BreadcrumbList format.

    Hello guys,

    I confirm that I have the exact same behavior :

    – Unlinking last item disables the url of the last crumb in the markup and it also gives an error with the in the google validator because of this missing url. It seems impossible to add it manualy with a meta tag because there is no %current% for the current link and as the link is disabled, %link% doesn’t work.
    – Linking last item makes the validation crazy with more than 20 errors because of the meta open graph. (I found elsewhere that it could come from the fact it is the same page URL in several meta tag. (?) ) I would like to add that the crazyness happens with a direct URL input in the validator, if we re-check or directly copy-paste the source code, it is ok. But the main point is the last item is linked while it shouldn’t.

    @mtekk do you think it is possible to have something the %link% working even for unlinked crumbs ? Or, has @maofree suggested, doing something with %current% ?

    PS : isn’t it strange that, 1 year later, Google is still throwing error when fetching URL directly ?

    Thanks @rom174 – glad to know I am not the only one. Thought I was going crazy!

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    @rom174 Per the BreadcrumbList standard, the current item should not be linked and not included in the BreadcrumbList (e.g. no special markup). This means your Breadcrumb Template (Unlinked) should be %htitle% or <span>%htitle%</span> (note the missing markup). If you are getting a error, you should check the Unlinked breadcrumb templates. They have changed in the recent versions of Breadcrumb NavXT to combat this issue, but they are not automatically migrated.

    If you want to include a URL, then the breadcrumb should be linked. Also, if I recall correctly, Google doesn’t include the current item in the search results breadcrumb trail.

    Hello @mtekk ,

    Yes of course google never includes the current item (which is the last) in the SERPs breadcrumb trail because it is implicitly included in the title of the result (like if the blue title follows the green crumb title).
    I also was sure that the last crumb had to be unlinked with no markup BUT I re-thought about it when I saw the google guidelines on it. Here is the page that blurred my mind :
    In this page you can see that, on every examples, the last breadcrumb is linked and the codes include markup and link(!) for every single crumb until the last one :

    <ol vocab="" typeof="BreadcrumbList">
      <li property="itemListElement" typeof="ListItem">
        <a property="item" typeof="WebPage"
          <span property="name">Books</span></a>
        <meta property="position" content="1">
      <li property="itemListElement" typeof="ListItem">
        <a property="item" typeof="WebPage"
          <span property="name">Science Fiction</span></a>
        <meta property="position" content="2">
      <li property="itemListElement" typeof="ListItem">
        <a property="item" typeof="WebPage"
          <span property="name">Award Winners</span></a>
        <meta property="position" content="3">

    The other point that makes me think we now have to consider inlucding the markup for the last crumb (not having to be clickable but with a meta link) is that the LD-JSON format always includes the url for the last crumb and its position (while it is as implicite as for the RDFa format when it is inline generated).

    Also, writing it, I checked on the site and found it :
    Look at the example, last crumbs are marked up and linked in every format.

    What am I missing ? Is the “politic” about breadcrumbs has changed ?

    Hello @mtekk ,

    Knowing what I have written above, do you have a point of view on how we should integrate last crumb in trails ?

    No advices ?

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