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  • Okay, I had an install of WP 2.9.2 on my site, updated with everything. On there I have a highly modified version of “WP Framework” theme (I was working on it to get my own theme). The breadcrumb navigation on there worked fine.

    Then I update to 3.0. Now the Breadcrumb navigation on PAGES is not working. It works fine on posts, but not on the pages. See here:

    The space in between the two red arrows at the top is SUPPOSED to be the Category (using the <?php the_category(', '); ?> call to populate that section. On posts it works fine, as seen here:

    This is how the entire breadcrumb navigation is supposed to work.

    Oddly enough, it works on my other blog. Not here.

    I’m thinking that it’s a theme problem, but I can’t understand why the function would work on one part and not another.

    I have tried alternate themes, but I can’t find a theme that has breadcrumbs on pages. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Can I get some sort of help with this, even if it’s just “Man, that’s f***ed up!”

    I want to know that people are at least reading it.



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    If you’ve modified the WP Framework theme extensively, then there’s not a lot anyone can say – other than there’s obviously a coding issue in the breadcrumb generation.

    Okay, I tried different themes. When I use this code:

    <div id="postpath">
    		<a title="<?php _e('Go to homepage'); ?>" href="<?php echo get_settings('home'); ?>/"><?php _e('Home'); ?></a><img src="/images/redarrow.png" /> <?php the_category(', '); ?> <img src="/images/redarrow.png" /> <?php the_title(); ?>

    I don’t have any category in the trail. I’ve tried it on three different themes, Default, a NEW unaltered install of WP-Framework and the modified theme, and it still doesn’t have the category on the pages.

    Ah, that’s why….

    Pages don’t HAVE categories. Duh.

    Using Page Category Plus plugin to do it, and now it looks like there’s something coming to roost with that. Hmmm…. What code do I need to do this….

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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