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  1. gian-ava
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    One big falldown of Custom Post Types is the fact that in the WordPress architecture they are considered always as a first level thing, so if you need to have a Custom Post Type pulled in a section with a few level of depth, you end up with a not-logical URL and Breadcrumb.

    For example, say your structure should look like this:

    Home > Region > Country > Events > Future Events > Event Name

    If "Event Name" is a Custom Post Type with a "single-event.php" template, when you click on "Future Events" page of a given "Country", you end up having an URL and a Breadcrumb looking like this:

    Home > Event Name

    Or, if you set up the permalinks to have a taxonomy name in it:
    Home > Taxonomy > Event Name

    I know this problem is addressed in many articles, but I can't find a simple solution to have a logical, automaticly generated Breadcrumb.

    I know some go and create a Meta Box for the Custom Post Type with the ID of a Page Parent. But I need this for a client and I am looking for an "automatic" kind of thing, like it should be, without having to explain that you need to find the ID of a page and put that number somewhere when you create an event.

    I did try the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin, but you can set up a static backtrail for a custom post type, while I have the same custom post type (Events) under different pages (Country 1, Country 2, Country 3, …).

    Is there a way to achieve this and not having to explain to the client that with WordPress you can have a logical Breadcrumb up until you click on an "Event", than the trail is lost?

    I can't believe that basic requirements like this one need to be sorted out in WordPress, and make you waste a lot of your development time (I know, we're not paying for it, but some features like this one are so common that almost every website require it, so I wonder how do the rest of the developers out there manage it).

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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