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    I need to be able to have up to 6 parent albums on a page, each parent containing multiple albums.

    I’m using breadcrumbs. I’ve excluded the homepage.

    The breadcrumb shows the page title that the albums are on, then the name of the parent albums. If you go into the “children albums” of the parent and start looking at slideshows or thumbnails, you can click on the name of the Parent in the breadcrumbs to get back to where you started. BUT, if you click on the NAME OF THE PAGE, the first link in the breadcumbs, it takes you back to where you started, with duplicate copies of albums (ie, if you had 2 albums now it shows 4).

    Sample page is here:
    This is an almost completed work-in-progress reworking of a custom theme to make it responsive. The page is banjos, the photos are of guitars – don’t worry about the actual images, just the behavior of the albums and breadcrumbs.

    The breadcrumbs are: Banjos > Parent Test > or Banjos > Second Parent, then whatever you pick next: the name of the album or the photo, etc. depending on whether you view a slideshow or the “view 11 photos”, etc. Once you’ve gone into a slideshow or clicked on a ‘view photos” link, you can use the parent album link (Parent Test or Second Parent) to get back to the list of albums, but if you click “Banjos” from anywhere, you get duplicate albums.

    Really, once you open up albums in “the parent” you can’t go back to having them closed. That’s what you expect to happen when you click on the name of the page.

    Is this something I’m doing wrong or is it a limitation in the plugin? I’m just using
    %%wppa%% %%cover=4%% and %%wppa%% %%cover=5%% to call the albums. Is there a better way?

    Thank You!

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Make a grandparent album ( say it is number 13 ), set the parents of albums 4 and 5 to that album and use this script:

    %%wppa%% %%album=13%%

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    On a second thought and testing and checking the code, you found a bug.
    This will be fixed in the next version.

    You can test ( and i would like you to do so ) my fix, by changing wppa-functions.php line 120:

    $wppa['out'] .= wppa_nltab().'<a href="'.wppa_get_permalink().'occur='.$wppa['occur'].'" class="wppa-nav-text b2" style="'.__wcs('wppa-nav-text').'" >'.$the_title.'</a>';


    $wppa['out'] .= wppa_nltab().'<a href="'.wppa_get_permalink().'foccur='.$wppa['occur'].'" class="wppa-nav-text b2" style="'.__wcs('wppa-nav-text').'" >'.$the_title.'</a>';

    i.e. add the f in:

    Yes, that did it! Terrific! Breadcrumbs working beautifully now.

    Thanks very much!

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    This is only a patch to test if my analysis is correct. Pls update to 4.8.11 when it is available later today.

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