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  1. soldadoaruanda
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Breadcrumb bug


    I am working on two site both using suffrusion. The first one here: http://www.capoeiraaruanda.com/au
    is working perfectly. When the are 3 tiers of navigation, the 3rd menu style appears & you can continue to see all sibling pages. Perfect. eg. http://www.capoeiraaruanda.com/au/?page_id=52

    But using the same settings & version of wordpress & suffrusion; this site here: http://www.aruanda.de/wp
    Is not working. When you click on any secondardy menu items their siblings dissappear.
    When I create a 3rd tier on navigation is displays like the second tier
    eg. http://www.aruanda.de/wp/?page_id=41

    Can you tell me how I can fix this bug? Thank you in advance for your help & also for this wonderful & flexible theme!



  2. soldadoaruanda
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Anyone? :(

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