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  • I have a guy who wants to move his blog from Bravenet to WordPress. He has 230 entries so cut and paste is not really something we’re looking forward to doing. Has anyone figured out a way to import entries from Bravenet to WordPress?

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  • Haven’t used Bravenet in a number of years. Used to be able to export their stuff as comma-delimited or .txt. What sort of export system do they use now, or do they have anything at all any more?

    They don’t have one. I even emailed their tech support. They do offer RSS (surprise surprise) but I don’t think it’s complete.

    Yuck. That means it’s a manual job. Grab the html I guess, and see what their version of “the loop” looks like, see if there’s anyway to wholesale find/replace with the Loop stuff for WP. Or…. just set him up new with WP, start from today, and link back to his previous posts on Bravenet? At least for a while, then he could move his other stuff a bit at a time….

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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