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  • I’m working towards a first beta release of CG-PowerPack that’s compatible with WP1.5, thus I’m numbering it 1.5 to match… 😉

    In addition to features from the 1.0 branch, there are now some admin panels for select plugins, and a few new plugins like CG-AntiSpam (what I’ve been using under 1.0 that applies some rules and the referrer blacklist to comments) and CG-Pagename (you can do <–nextpage:SomePageName–>, and get text table of contents links/list for multipage posts…).

    I have locally proven out the compatability of a good amount of the PowerPack code with 1.5 (CG-Amazon, CG-Inline, Amazon+Inline, CG-Referrer, CG-Feedread, CG-AntiSpam, CG-Pagename, …), though by no means exhaustive, and only on a local XP box with Apache+PHP5.

    I know there’s a few of you waiting eagerly for some of these, and I’m happy to make a prerelease available (I should probably call it an ‘alpha’, given how unpolished/unfinished much of it will be…).

    Lemme know here or cgcode at


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  • I just updated to 1.5, and the PowerPack is my last step. I’d love to play Guinea Pig.

    click for CG-PowerPack 1.5a1 Download

    THIS IS ALPHA SOFTWARE. As CHAITGEAR is still running heavily-modded 1.0, I’m not even running this code live myself, so the usual caveats apply (no warranty, as-is, etc., etc.).

    However, it is a direct descendent of the 1.0 PowerPack code, so should be generally safe to run with. 😉

    The new features are too numerous, but just to quickly cover a few:
    – the major plugins all now auto-integrate — no more adding code to index.php, et al, in order to ‘start up’ things.
    – tested locally and working include: CG-Amazon, CG-Inline, CG-WhatTunes, CG-AntiSpam, CG-Pagename, CG-Referrer, CG-Feedread, CG-Samecat. CG-Related is NOT really functioning properly at the moment in terms of setting up related articles, but if you have it running already on your site, output should still work just fine.
    – CG-Amazon, CG-AntiSpam, CG-Referrer, CG-WhatTunes all have some level of Admin interface through top-level menus. NOT ALL FUNCTIONALITY IS EXPOSED, especially options/settings that are controlled within the PHP files at the moment.
    – CG-AntiSpam is new in this form, but much of the code is currently in use on CHAITGEAR protecting me from comment spam. And, it leverages the same blacklist as CG-Referrer, so catches a lot of the same jerks. But has a few neat tricks I look for, and at the moment defaults to not nuking, just marking as spam and saving in the DB. Oh, and it gives you an admin screen to see the junk…

    What else. This is taking a LOT of time, as you all can imagine. And I’ve got to get back to paying work. 🙂 I’ll be juggling this over the next week, as the next step, rather than further enhancements, is to get CHAITGEAR migrated to 1.5 — JOY. If that gets done, I’ll be in a better position to really support this stuff moving forward. 😉


    And, of course, open to any suggestions for feature improvements… 😉 It’s all a work in progres…


    Just tried installing the script (so far all I use is WhatTunes) and I’m having problems displaying the artist/album of tracks that aren’t found on Amazon. It seems to create a link to Amazon anyway and that link goes nowhere and then it doesn’t even output the artist/album info.

    I’ve altered some of the code for style purposes, but I don’t think that’s it because I also tried default files and settings. Have you noticed any problems with this?

    Also, for the ones that are found on Amazon (and therefore display correctly) where can I edit it so that the text link goes like this:


    … instead of Album – Artist (with the dash and on the same line). Thanks again!

    Can you post an entry here that failed to match an album? That’ll help. I’ve never had problems, but I listen to VERY mainstream stuff (either top-40 type people, or grammy-level artists…), so the albums are around.

    I’m working on making the output more configurable for all of CG-Amazon/CG-WhatTunes output. Looking at a templating system where you can do something like:

    Would that seem to be helpful? Or, alternate, an admin screen with each field listed, and you can enter a number next to each. 0 mean don’t show, 1-n means order to show. Something like that might work for CG-Amazon as well.

    Heck, that system might work well for my ‘EZLayout’ thing I’ve been wanting to do, where plugins register ‘output modules’, and you can then use a screen to pick what shows up in what order on the sidebar. (Like some of the big CMS systems might do, but in a very, very simple, basic interface…).


    Well, I’m not exactly sure how it grabs the song info (filename, ID3 tag?) but I have the Garden State Soundtrack (I have the album named “Garden State (OST)” in the ID3 tag, and Amazon never picked it up (even though I know they sell it). In the previous version, with my style changes, it would simply display as:

    <b>Don’t Panic</b>

    Garden State (OST)

    That was fine, I didn’t mind it at all. But now it just displays as:

    <b>Don’t Panic</b>

    – (this links to my site but the alt says “See at AMAZON”)

    Here, I’ll leave it on a song that doesn’t match and you can see for yourself. My site is

    Thanks again.

    I’m sure david is pretty busy working on the powerpack, so has anyone thought abour writing some detailed document on this with david’s blessing? It sounds like quite an exetensive plugin, and so something more than the typical readme may be required.

    I’m running WordPress 1.5. Formerly, I was using 1.2 with the Powerpack. This means that I already had Powerpack tables in my database.

    To install the new CG Powerpack, I deactivated the CG-Amazon plugin. Then I removed old CG-Powerpack files from the wp-content/plugins directory.

    I popped the new Powerpack in the directory, and I began following the instructions. By the way, for upgraders, you might want to note that they need to edit their wp-admin/menu.php file to take out any additions they may have made themselves for previous versions.

    I activated my new CG-Amazon plugin.

    My website displays stuff on the sidebar as it should. Clicking the CGA menu item gets me an item list.

    I can add things to the list, but I can’t seem to remove them.

    Clicking the remove/X link for an item takes me to a blank page with
    in the business end of the address bar.

    Also, when I click the Next Page link to see more items on the list, I get a web page saying only “Cannot load 2.”

    Also, clicking the Next Page link gets me a page that says only “Cannot load 2.”

    Editing an item also gets me a blank screen.


    The file tracktunes.txt has the info. If you want to email yours to cgcode (, I’ll take a look. You’re right, it should just show the no-amazon-info version. However, with the extensive changes to the Amazon code, possible I borked that code-path. 😉


    Ooops. Thanks — I haven’t done extensive testing of cga-admin, and it is now hooked in a much different manner. Lemme go look, and I’ll get that fixed and post a (better) working cga-admin.php. 😉


    CG-PowerPack 1.5a2

    Revised CGA admin screen, now uses forms/buttons rather than URI redirects to execute commands. Did some basic testing, seems to all generally be working.

    Lemme know as you find more issues! Thanks all!

    (oh, also removed files from the two cache folders that shouldn’t have been there — those folders should be empty for redistribution… 😉 )

    So far, so good. Thanks!

    great. I just fixed problems with retaining sort-by when using the prev/next page buttons. Bunch of things changed going to non-URI methodology… grrrr.

    But seems to be working aside from that.

    I’ll ‘fix’ the WhatTunes thing as soon as I get the txt file — using the keyword search with the song title and artist, I got five hits, so that is at least semi-working. We’ll have to see what’s really in the txt file tho… 😉


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