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  • I’m working towards a first beta release of CG-PowerPack that’s compatible with WP1.5, thus I’m numbering it 1.5 to match… 😉

    In addition to features from the 1.0 branch, there are now some admin panels for select plugins, and a few new plugins like CG-AntiSpam (what I’ve been using under 1.0 that applies some rules and the referrer blacklist to comments) and CG-Pagename (you can do <–nextpage:SomePageName–>, and get text table of contents links/list for multipage posts…).

    I have locally proven out the compatability of a good amount of the PowerPack code with 1.5 (CG-Amazon, CG-Inline, Amazon+Inline, CG-Referrer, CG-Feedread, CG-AntiSpam, CG-Pagename, …), though by no means exhaustive, and only on a local XP box with Apache+PHP5.

    I know there’s a few of you waiting eagerly for some of these, and I’m happy to make a prerelease available (I should probably call it an ‘alpha’, given how unpolished/unfinished much of it will be…).

    Lemme know here or cgcode at


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  • When I get the guts to upgrade to 1.5, I’ll be happy to smack it around some.


    I’ve upgraded to WP 1.5 and used to use several of your CG apps on a former blog. I’d be willing to install some of your apps within the CG pack and give them a spin. I didn’t see a download link on your site, though.

    It’s not ready yet — hoping tomorrow. Trying to move stuff into admin screens is taking its time… 😉


    Hoping tonight to have a (closed) alpha available. If I get enough testers to prove it’s working decently, will move to an open alpha over the weekend, and it’ll stay in alpha for a few weeks.

    Note that I’m calling it ‘alpha’ not because of stability — it’s the same stable 1.0 codebase, updated for PHP5 and WP1.5 compatability — but with some new features, new work on admin pages (in progress) for each plugin, it’ll take some time before it’s completely ‘polished’.


    I’d be willing to test it out, too. Let me know where to download it.

    David — whenever you’re ready, feel free to let me know where to download it by sending me a message through my feedback form at:

    Support Forums

    I’d rather post the link instead of my email address. Look forward to taking the powerpack for a spin.

    Thanks deb – will do. I’ve been running into issues with CG-Amazon, which since it’s a ‘major part’ of the PowerPack I want to look into it. Might be I need to take a day and recode the system for the new v4 amazon service (really just changes to the back end query management, so should be pretty easy, just want to buffer some time for testing edge conditions!).


    How would you want me to send you my contact info so that you can notify me where to download the beta? Or will you just post the link here?

    I’d be interested in testing it, especially CG-Amazon.

    I’ll >definitely< post a link here. 😉

    FYI, I was up VERY late last night, rewriting the core query system for the new Amazon Web Services 4.0 (well, not so new any more..), as I was having extremely long queries (timing out) with my old code, wanted to eliminate any possible negative issues from the new release of stuff.

    At first, it might be a teensy bit slower (and bigger cachefiles), but in the long run it delivers MUCH more amazon data that can be output. I’ll also eventually be working on some of the remote-cart stuff, and I’m still pushing for them to deliver a working click-from-wishlist thing (I may have wishlist URLs go to the wishlist, rather than the clicked item, for that reason…). I can now see the asked-for/ordered counts in the wishlists, and other details, but they are more ‘painful’ to extract quickly. 😉

    Anyway, further update a little later in the day. Thanks for the interest, and patience — this stuff just takes time! 😉


    Quick update.

    CG-Feedread seems to be working fine.
    CG-Inline has had basic testing, seems okay.
    CG-Pagename seems okay.
    CG-Referrer is working, though new admin screens not all there yet.
    CG-Amazon is the beast — moving to V4 of amazon web services has been a bigger chunk of work, as they significantly changed their field names and XML layout.

    but, I have single item asin lookups and multiple item asin lookups working fine, and after a day I now have Wishlist lookups working again decently. Next is keyword and similarity searches, should be pretty fast. Admin screen is as functional as it ever was, now with many more catalog areas to search, plus the new ‘blended’ search over the major areas. CGAIndex.php is back up to base functionality, even looks decent with default WP1.5 template — but needs similarity/accessory output working again.

    The big benefit of moving to AWS4 is that I can now grab even more detailed information (for people who want to use CGAIndex as a mini storefront), I can build custom-cart code decently well, I can hook into seller info for those of you selling products on Amazon, etc., etc. Just opens up lots of possibilities. I hope it opens up some potential revenues as well, as CG-PP is becoming a costly hobby… 😉

    Back later,

    David, I’ve been using an “old” version of Feedread with 1.5 for a couple of weeks. It works fine. I’m not sure I should “upgrade”…. y’know, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? [version #1.0fc2 – and perhaps this is a “version” of your 1.5?]

    FC2 was the last ‘public’ release. I had some private FC3 releases to help some folks, but otherwise have kept my mods local for a while and let FC2 be the ‘1.0’ version.

    The 1.5 branch has some specific WP1.5 integration enhancements, likely has a bunch of PHP5-compatability fixes (might not need them at the moment, but then your ISP upgrades, and WHAMMO!), the new multi-feed-single-query stuff (which I don’t think was in FC2), and at some point some reblogger-esque features.

    If I get to the reblogger stuff, there’ll obviously be admin interfaces created rather than just PHP control… 😉


    Okay, I need to do some testing tomorrow, but things are looking good. I’ve got Asin, Keyword, Wishlist, Similar, and Accessory lookups all working, and updated cgaindex.php and cga-admin.php to be generally functional — cgaindex.php will need customization until I can put in time to really base it off the template structure the way it should be.

    Check back here tomorrow afternoon/evening. Thanks all!



    I’m new to WP, having just installed 1.5 a few days ago.

    I’m particularly interested in your Feedread plugin, but the Amazon plugin sounds great, too.

    I’d like to test your 1.5 version.

    All the best,


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