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    I just setup a customer of mine with a BRAND NEW go daddy account. I used their installer to install WP which went smooth over 15 times for me in the past. This time, I have the same exact error here. Images upload, preview fine but won’t show on the page, instead they are broken links to 404’s and have question marks in their place. BUNK! I can not fix it using the methods found as far back as 1.5 years ago. Godaddy says they will reply within 3 hours yet it has been 15 now… They know it’s on their end and I DO TOO! WTF??? BRAND NEW INSTALL WITH NO PLUGINS AND USING DEFAULT THEME. All I did was try to add media to hello world and to be sure it wasn’t me, I deleted EVERYTHING and reinstalled again. Same result. Linux shared hosting btw.

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  • You’re not the only one…

    However, do not install an older version of WP (as someone in that thread suggested) – that’s a major security risk.

    Call GD back and insist they fix it or find better hosting :).

    Hello WordPress experts:

    I am trying to set up my first website, I am dire need of some help.
    When I try to log onto my control panel, it takes me to a page in name-cheap. What may I have done to get it screwed up so quickly??

    Agreed. I am on hold now. The guy I spoke with didn’t even have a clue as to the existence of this bug yet. On hold while they work 23 minutes and counting now.

    They fixed it. Said the install script had an extra line break where there wasn’t supposed to be. It was on their end, not mine of course. Hopefully they change it for everyone and not waste 4 hours of your time too!

    Certainly glad to hear that :)!

    @wallacelck – your question is not at all the same as this thread – please read over the forum welcome and start a new thread if you need help:


    I’m currently working on a assignment for school, setting up a WordPress website on through, but I’m experiencing a problem. Installation of the latest version of WP wasn’t a problem and installing themes is no problem either. Adding in media through the drag-n-drop function, FTP or the basic uploader works just fine, up untill the cropping point. When the uploader finishes cropping the image it shows up in the media library but it doesn’t show the actual image, just a broken file icon. I can see the image in edit mode but it only shows a broken image link unfortunately. Is this a problem within WordPress or is it something with hosting? The latter would seem unlikely seeing as I already created multiple WP sites with this hosting company.

    I already deleted all themes and plugins, re-installed WP on the server and even downgraded to version 3.7 but with no success. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Would be forever grateful if anyone could help me out here!

    Tristan van der Laan

    @suikervrij – please start your own thread so someone can help you with this.

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