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  • I’ve NEVER worked in WordPress and I’ve been asked to update and beautify my Manager’s website, including ensuring the amount of COMMENTS is increased on the website. It already seems to have all the relevant social icons at the end of the article on the Home Page (ie Facebook etc). Does anyone have any hints to help me out on this one please? I’m totally feeling my way. You can view the website at: Does it make a difference putting the icons down the side of the page versus at the bottom? Maybe bigger icons….Help please. 🙂

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  • nothing happens when people read from up to bottom your post then if he likes then share it no doubt that people like or share not connect your blog with twitter wordpress linked in etc so it get user very near to yoru updates…

    There are many things you can do to increase comments. I would start with some simple tactics like:

    – Ensure that the site is DoFollow
    – Install Commentluv plugin
    – Regularly comment on other niche blogs and forums (preferably who also have DoFollow and Commentluv)
    – Post a question at the end of each article

    Thank you Altaf and Gabe. I’ll definitely check out DoFollow and Commentluv plugin. Cheers. Lynne

    I don’t think plug-ins will do much to help attract comments – most people for example won’t know what commentluv is.

    Good ol’ fashioned SEO is your best way forward IMO – make sure your site’s content is well optimised and work on your inbound marketing – link building, social media etc.

    If all you’re looking to do is increase comments (not gain SEO value from them) another thing you might try is replacing WordPress’s built-in comment system with Facebook’s commenting module, so you get extra Facebook presence. I’ve had quite a bit of luck using it on a few of my sites.

    most people for example won’t know what commentluv is.

    Maybe that’s true but based on my experience, the people who regularly leave comments do in fact look for those benefits. They might not be “most people” but they are the important minority since the former don’t actually leave comments.

    I hate to ask the obvious, but what does SEO and IMO stand for? Sorry, but I’m seriously brand-new to all this… thanks everyone for your input by the way!

    I hate to ask the obvious, but what does SEO and IMO stand for

    Sorry, sure – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The process of optimising a website so that it ranks higher in Google etc. This includes internal and external factors. SEOMoz do a great beginners guide.

    IMO = In My Opinion.

    I meant to add, the better optimised your site is, the more traffic you are likely to get from search engines and more traffic = more comments 🙂

    Thanks to all for input…..I think after today’s effort, someone else with more experience than I will be taking over this task and I will happily hand it over!

    SEO – Search Engine Optimization
    IMO – In My Opinion


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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