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  • I am a brand new user to WordPress and I would love to get some hands-on help with getting started.

    My new office is in Granite Bay, CA – located in the Sacramento Valley Region.

    The WordPress book that I am reading says that there are users who are hoping to help “the next person who comes along”. Well, I am that next person and I am humbly, please, calling for help.

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  • #1. What does your office location have to do with anything?

    #2. We’d be happy to help but you’re gonna have to ask a question first.

    #3. Was this post just an advertisement for #1 which would make my response completely pointless?

    #1. It is so people know how close I am to them geographically.

    I want to hang out with people who are excited about WordPress and who are happy using it. Books and email is great, I just prefer face-to-face. HOWEVER! I was very pleased to see how quickly you replied. So, I am willing to give this FORUMS stuff a try.

    #2. AWESOME! Thank you. What is the question?

    #3. ABSOLUTELY NOT! I tried to be as vauge as possible so people wouldn’t suspect that advertisement is my true goal. I just want to learn WordPress and everything else I need to learn as efficiently as possible.

    Thank you “thisisedie” for being so quick to help. I am encouraged by your “happy to help” comment.

    Moderator James Huff


    If you’re just starting with WordPress, this is a great article to read through:

    Ah. Well. You might be interested in this website then:


    Also check out the online social and meet up groups – most areas seem to have some sort of lets get together grouping – if you don’t see a Computer or WordPress group meeting in your area, try posting a meeting in your area and see who shows up – my area has groups that meet for movies, sailing, walking around lakes and on and on – all ran out of the same base umbrella.

    hi kjolson, welcome to the wordpress forum, good to know that you want to learn wordpress know everything about it. The best way to learn wordpress is to start a blog on wordpress and keep experimenting with it and if you run into any problem, let us know and we will try to help you in fixing it.

    To start with, you can read the codex, macmanx has already given the link where you can start. wish you all the best and hope wordpress gives you a positive experience 🙂

    macmanx – I haven’t been able to finish “5 Minute Installation of WordPress” yet. I’m having trouble with step 4 & 5 of “Things You Need to Do to Install WordPress”. Especially with “secure password for your Secret Key”. Am I supposed to create a fictitious Database Name, Username, Password, & Host? Or use a real one? My employer mentioned passwords for, Firezilla, and PayPal. Is that all that I need?

    thisisedie – I went to the website ( and 1) used the contact form on the “About Us” page and 2) also filled out the submit form on the “Contact Us” page. Hope I get some feedback. Do you know of a video in WordPress.TV that is good for beginners?

    saildude – Awesome! You Rock! I just googled “wordpress online social and meet up groups” and found “The Sacramento WordPress Meetup Group”. I became a member and signed up for the first Sacramento Meetup group on May 27. Also, I have ALREADY received confirmation for the event and a personal welcome from the organizer Geoff Sakala. Perfect! Thank you so much for the tip.

    weddingcakes – Hi, thank you. Hey, if my employer wants to stick with WordPress, my goal is to exceed his expectations. So, do you recommend I start a blog with before I try to fix the problems of my employer’s current site? Thanks for being available if I run into any problems. I’ll definitely let you know. Like I told macmanx, I’m stuck with having all of the Database names correct. Can you give me an example? I think that will help me get started.

    Moderator James Huff


    If your hosting is with GoDaddy, they should have an automatic installer for WordPress. I don’t exactly know where to find it, but it’s there.

    Sweet. So, I’ll get the download from them? How does that work?

    Moderator James Huff


    You’ll have to login to your hosting control panel at GoDaddy, but I don’t know what to do from that point. There will be some sort of installer somewhere. You can contact their support department for help with locating it, and they may have an FAQ somewhere.

    Ok. With GoDaddy, can you use this with

    Moderator James Huff


    wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG are two separate things.

    wordpress.ORG (where you are right now) is the free blogging platform that you can download and install with a hosting account that you pay for, though some hosting providers (like GoDaddy) also offer an automatic installer for WordPress.

    wordpress.COM are the free hosted blogs provided by Automattic, Inc.

    For more info, see this article: and

    In short, you don’t need hosting to use a wordpress.COM blog. If you are already paying for hosting (from GoDaddy, for example), then you can certainly install a wordpress.ORG blog. Please refer to my previous reply regarding that.

    @kjolson – wordpress dot com is a free service where you can get a free blog at, This is wordpress dot org where you install the wordpress script on your own hosting.

    If you have purchased a webhosting at godaddy or hostgator etc. and have a domain name registered then you can create a blog with the help of the wordpress script available at wordpress dot org.

    Let us know if you already have a webhosting somewhere and a domain name. We can help you to get started with a wordpress blog.

    weddingcakes – I GOT A DOMAIN NAME!! now what?

    Moderator James Huff


    Now you have a choice to make.

    You could sign up for a free blog and map your domain to it for $9.97.

    Or, you could get full control over your blog by singing up with a hosting provider and installing WordPress. I recommend A Small Orange, the WordPress developers recommend these, and there are thousands more than can be found by just searching with Google.

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