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    I have been inactive on my wordpress site since November of last year, however since returning to writing over on, I have noticed that none of my new posts are landing on my homepage. (direct links to NEW content posted below, so they are live, just not visible from Home).

    In addition to this odd behavior, any changes i have made to pages (swapping out images, links, etc) or simple hooks (updated links and text) arent coming through on the .com site either. The editor displays that the post/page has been updated, but nothing appears different on the page itself. When you see the hook areas in the NEW posts, they are updated/different.

    I am not super tech savvy, and even had my wp theme developer look into it, with nothing standing out to be the main issue/fix. We tried deactivating/activating each of my plugins, one at a time, and I tried what some other forums suggested about clearing my cache, however still have no luck. Below are the links to posts that SHOULD show up at the top of my page, but arent.

    Any back end help is greatly appreciated!!!

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  • Hello,

    I’m probably stating the obvious thing you’ve already tried but are your new posts showing up if you switch to one of the default WordPress themes? That way you can rule out it being a theme issue..

    Can you also check you’re running the latest WP version 4.7? It seems some of the resources on your site are still referencing the old 4.6 tag.

    ~ Steven

    Thank you so much for the quick reply Steven! I checked and even re-installed thew new WP update, so I am in fact running 4.7.

    I also tried switching away from my custom theme, and trying twenty-fifteen, twenty-sixteen and twenty-seventeen wordpress themes. New posts appear in live preview, but even after activating a new theme, no changes to the site itself occur on mobile or desktops versions of the .com site. Is there something that could be preventing any changes at all from occurring?

    Ok, that rules that out. I’ve checked your site output and the latest posts are definitely being listed via the REST API.

    .. I also just caught your site on a refresh where you’ve activated the twentyseventeen theme and I can see your new posts are listed there on the homepage. What sort of setup do you have on your current theme? Are you using any custom templates to display posts?

    ~ Steven

    I have left it on the 2017 theme for now, as it might help me (graphically) see when/if the problem is fixed, but my current theme is a custom one I developed a year or so go ago with a web designer. It hasnt been an issue in the past, and it is a child theme of Genesis. Should I go back to it while this forum is active?

    Honestly, the problem could have occurred any time since November, I unfortunately wouldn’t know how to date the issue as I wasn’t actively in my wordpress account or pushing new content.

    Steven, thank you for your help earlier today! I called on my host (bluehost) and they were able to clear my cache, I was unaware that there was more cache cleaning possible beyond my WP dashboard. They were able to fix it and new posts are showing up online now.

    Thank you so much for your help and support!

    More cache? Well that explains it! From what I’ve read even your ISP stores cache for websites, anyway I’m glad your issue has been resolved.

    You are most welcome. If you ever need help again feel free to get in touch.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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