[resolved] brand new PLEASE HELP me!!! can't find certain tabs!! (1 post)

  1. theuntamed
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Ok, so, i am brand new to this blogging thing.
    I was going around trying to add things on the background and i clicked on "themes" in my dashboard and immediately lost my "background" option under appearances in my dashboard.
    ALL i want is to get that tab back. I have been searching the net, forums and documentations trying to troubleshoot this but to no avail!! HOW can i remove a theme when there is no option to?? it only lets me replace theme with THEME!! also, i did have the default "twenty ten" and now i can't even find it...can anyone please help me!? why is this so confusing??

    please, just let me know how i can get my background option back, i tried going to edit also, and it wouldn't add it!! instead it now takes me to error pages, WHY is this so complicated?! do I have to be a genius at code and html in order to upload my background, header and post?? Please, can someone help me?? what can i do?
    i'd appreciate any help toward the matter, really...

    thanks in advance for your time!

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