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    Hi, I’ve been waiting for the 3.x release as I couldn’t get BackWPup to work with WP 3.51.

    Regrettably, it doesn’t work – all I get is the status bar at the top saying ‘Job “<job name>” has started’

    but nothing happens and there are no logs.

    So, to test I created a brand new default installation of WP 3.51, on a different hosting provider, installed backWPup, and it does exactly the same thing — that is, pretty much nothing.

    I really can’t wait any longer — of course this is a free plugin and you owe me nothing, but I really don’t want to just leave either.

    Surely, this should work with a standard plain-vanilla install of WP 3.51? Is there not a debug setting or anything so that I can see why it’s failing?


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  • OK, I finally got an update to start by using the “start job with a link” mechanism. The only problem is it runs forever, unless none of the boxes are checked in the tasks list.

    And now, I’ve managed to get it working, by disabling the “Restart the job on every main step on a working job” setting.

    Since the default settings had that turned on, I only found that by chance (it was a guess this might be the problem because the job would always stall after the first step).

    I might still have a problem with wp-cron, but my guess is that’s a service-provider problem, and hopefully I can work around that with either a cron job making a call to wp-cron or the “with a link” schedule start setting. I’ll leave it set as a scheduled backup overnight and see if it works — if not, I’ll try setting up a cron job as said.

    Of course, the problem isn’t really resolved because not being able to kick off the restarts may mean I run into problems with larger backups — but I’m done investigating for now.

    Thanks for the plugin — I submit the above as it may help with your diagnosis and/or help you to improve the documentation.

    Ok, next update … scheduled backup overnight didn’t work, but a call to http://websitename/wp-cron.php did.

    I’ll create a cron job to call that url and see if that does the job.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    Hello i have added a additonl Test bevor the job starts in the next release. I hope with it we can find mor information why it not starts.

    HI, I’ve installed 3.0.4, I think it is working with the wp-cron, but want to leave it overnight to see. The blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but it worked with a call to wp-cron.php, so I’m expecting it to work with site traffic as well — just have to wait and see.

    Thanks for the test — when I try “run now” I get this:

    The HTTP response test get a error “couldn’t connect to host”The HTTP response test get a false http status ()

    Ihr Englisch ist aber sehr gut … wenigstens besser als mein Deutsch!

    Ok, that ran overnight on wp-cron, so other than performing a test-restore, I’m done testing until I roll out to other blogs.

    Thanks for your help Daniel — if you want me to test anything else, please let me know — as you know, I’m still having a trouble with the “run now” which gives the response

    “couldn’t connect to host”The HTTP response test get a false http status ()

    but I can get around that on the rare occasion I need to by having a second job that is set to use the nonce call, or just temporarily setting the schedule on this job to that.

    Thanks again — if you want to mark this as resolved, feel free — I can always raise another thread later if necessary.

    Hi rboyz,

    thanks so much for offering testing support, it’s highly appreciated! We’re still fixing a couple of issues, might contact you later this week. Thanks again!

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