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  • Ok, been working on a site that’s nearing launch and have had little time to sleep.

    Someone is supplying an XML feed of some game servers that we play on. ( The XML lists all game servers, if they are up or down, and if the servers are undergoing maintenance.

    He made the XML available to people to use on their own sites, but I don’t need all of the info from the XML listed on my site. I only plan to list the main servers we play on (which are Virtue, Protector and Freedom.)

    This is what the XML shows:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
    - <servers timestamp="2011-09-11 06:30:19" timezone="UTC">
      <server name="Live Login" status="Up" />
      <server name="Freedom" status="Up" />
      <server name="Justice" status="Up" />
      <server name="Pinnacle" status="Up" />
      <server name="Virtue" status="Up" />
      <server name="Liberty" status="Up" />
      <server name="Guardian" status="Up" />
      <server name="Infinity" status="Up" />
      <server name="Protector" status="Up" />
      <server name="Victory" status="Up" />
      <server name="Champion" status="Up" />
      <server name="Triumph" status="Up" />
      <server name="Union" status="Up" />
      <server name="Defiant" status="Up" />
      <server name="Zukunft" status="Up" />
      <server name="Vigilance" status="Up" />
      <server name="Test Login" status="Up" />
      <server name="Training Room" status="Up" />
      <server name="Beta Login" status="Up" />
      <server name="Beta Server" status="Up" />

    So how would I go about adding this feed and only selected items from it, to my site?

    What I want to list:

    <server name="Virtue" status="Up" />
    <server name="Protector" status="Up" />
    <server name="Freedom" status="Up" />

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