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  • We’ve had “list your top 5 plugins” and such in the past, and with the WordPress Plugin Contest on, it got me thinking about my favorite plugins and how I couldn’t live without them. They help me so much do what I want to do with WordPress. Without these, honestly, this process would be much harder or at least less fun.

    So I thought I’d ask if anyone had any favorite plugins that they would like to brag about that they use on their site. Be sure and include a link to the plugin or plugin author if you have it so we can find out what all the fuss is about.

    So brag on!

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  • Lorelle, if I ever start up a company, expect a call from me for a PR position. ;)

    And while you are dialing the phone, how about a few of your fav plugins, Kaf? Since you are a power user, what do you rely upon.


    Power user. Makes it sound like I’m plugged into a wall somewhere. Which is probably not far from the truth, metaphorically speaking.

    My favs, eh?

    Scriptygoddess’ WpPaginate – though I’ve heavily modified it (being a power user and all, how could I not).

    Rob Watkins’ A Different Monthly Archive Script. Truly a different way of listing archives on the sidebar.

    Chris Davis’s Live Preview. I usually avoid in your face Javascript where I can (personal preference); this is an exception. Of course there’s a more pluggable version.

    ColdForged’s Enhanced (Post) View(s) (List). Little by little WordPress admin’ing is getting sweeter. By the way Brian, pick a name and stick with it. :)

    Jamie Talbot’s Singular. There’s a reason I turn off auto-correction in my word processing tools.

    Everyone will note I’ve modestly avoided mention of my own stuff…

    Since we are bragging, here is a link to Kaf’s awesome WordPress Plugins, some I use myself.


    Kafkaesqui! did you switch to gold? I can’t get yer original site theme back! Even searched for the cookie to destroy. It’s all good, but I wanted to bookmark yer old one for design inspirationz…


    xmiinc, you mean that drab green thing I call great design? It’s still the core of my site’s apple. Visit the gold theme page and click the reset link at the end to return things to their original look. If that fails to work, bug me by email and I’ll take Gold offline for awhile (to kick your browser into resetting things).

    xmiinc, how about bragging about your fav plugins, too? I’ve gotten some of my best finds from recommendations others have made.

    How about ScriptyGoddess’ Subscribe to Comments plugin … without which WP blogs have a hit-and-miss return rate on discussions. It also includes a comment subscription manager, without which subscribers may be loath to sign up. Wonderful.

    think there already were discussions on this, or similar:

    Reasonable list on both

    Apologies, Lorelle! Its a valid point, except that I’m so new to WP and blogging that I don’t have much to go on. The one I *was* gonna mention was “Hide/Cut Post Text” by, but when I saw Kaf’s list with something similar (but waaay more flexible in what it can do), I refrained. I’m a noob with such things at the moment. On the other hand, I’m not gonna change it; the adage “less is more” is applicable here! It’s simple, it works in a manner I like, and I customized it within minutes. ‘Nuff said. What else do I have ‘active’?’s “Enhanced Post List” and “Paged Comment Editing” (The way WP oughtta be!), and Kimmo’s “DoFollow”

    I’ve got some others plugged in but not yet activated, like Rob Watkins’ “A Different Monthly Archive Script” . I’m hoping its not gonna be too much of a pain to integrate…


    Thanks, Kafkaesqui! Back in green again…(how did I miss that ‘reset’?) yeh, its the little things I like that you do…like the the expanding Categories…


    Thanks, Jinsan, for listing the old lists of plugins. We’re BRAGGING here. A list of fav plugins doesn’t help us understand why these plugins are so darned important to us and how we use them almost every day.

    >>> I refrained. <<<

    And xmiinc, don’t refrain. The title of the thread includes the word: BRAG.

    The purpose of this thread is not only to let people know what is out there, but to also recognize the author’s work. Without the effort of those who created these plugins, who saw a need or had an idea and had the stuffings to create them, we wouldn’t benefit from them. Sharing with them and others about how we use these in our WordPress sites helps everyone.

    BRAG about what you use, whether it’s been mentioned or not. Your use is different from another person’s use.

    For example, I adore Coldforged’s Enhanced View Posts plugin that Kaf mentioned. I use that for multiple reasons, but mostly in the beginning to help me find the posts within the categories I screwed up by renumbering them in the database and not thinking the process out. I had tons of posts in the wrong category and this helped me find them all. It also helps me to figure out the chronological order for articles in a series, so I can fix them so they appear in sequence. Before this plugin, it would take me hours to figure out this information and fix it either from within the Admin or in the database itself, messy business.

    By sharing our brags about how we use the plugins, I hope people will learn more and be encouraged to take advantage of these great things. And the authors can see how much their work is appreciated.

    I have to say, from the number of plugin-pages I’ve visited, authors should spend more time answering the question “Why would I want to use this (plugin)?” instead of just describing what it does. Not the same thing. Some do. Many don’t, requiring some close reading and a look at the Comments section for clues (OK, I guess that should be done anyway…but still), if not the code itself…if I’ve lasted that long!


    It’s sort of unfair to ask an author, who has spent x amount of hours, days, weeks to do anything more than describe the functionality of the plugin. The description itself should be clear and concise, with examples, but anything more, such as “why should I use this plugin” is down to a user and the user’s requirements. A user looks at his/her requirements and matches them against the plugins description, if they meet, they use, if not they look elsewhere.

    It’s up to the end user to say, “You MUSt try this plugin because…” Although I don’t think there’s any harm in self-promotion, I don’t believe the authors really have time to slap themselves on the back for a job well done.

    @ Lorelle I think many of the favourite plugins stte why they are favourites – brag? It’s a subjective term. To brag, to validate, to advocate or to like. Each to their own. As Podz said, there’s nothign wrong with repeating some topics to help new users, but I don’t really see the difference between describing a plugin you like and why, and bragging about a plugin you like – you brag because it’s a favourite. Semantics?

    I’ll “brag” about my “favourites” when I get a moment 🙂

    xmiinc, I had a fairly difficult time customizing the “Different Monthly Archive” plugin to fit with the Mars Spirit theme (this may have something to do with the fact that Mars Spirit is a reworked theme for 1.2 tweaked first by Allyn Gibson, then by yours truly – you do NOT want to know how long it took me to get it to validate!) I’m going to try it again on an “easier” theme to see how easy it really is….

    My list:

    Adhesive and Countdown from Owen Winkler

    Enhanced Post List from ColdForged

    Random Quote of the Day from McMike

    Referrer Bouncer from Angsuman Chakraborty

    Shire Reckoning2 from Allyn Gibson

    Spam Karma from Dr. Dave

    Theme Switcher from Ryan Boren

    WeatherIcon2 from Jeremiah, TechGnome, Beel and Garrett

    WP Spam Assassin from Michael Hampton

    I’ve got a bunch of others I haven’t got around to installing and playing with yet; I may add more to the list later….

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