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  1. Lorelle
    Posted 11 years ago #

    We've had "list your top 5 plugins" and such in the past, and with the WordPress Plugin Contest on, it got me thinking about my favorite plugins and how I couldn't live without them. They help me so much do what I want to do with WordPress. Without these, honestly, this process would be much harder or at least less fun.

    So I thought I'd ask if anyone had any favorite plugins that they would like to brag about that they use on their site. Be sure and include a link to the plugin or plugin author if you have it so we can find out what all the fuss is about.

    So brag on!

  2. Kafkaesqui

    Posted 11 years ago #

    Lorelle, if I ever start up a company, expect a call from me for a PR position. ;)

  3. Lorelle
    Posted 11 years ago #

    And while you are dialing the phone, how about a few of your fav plugins, Kaf? Since you are a power user, what do you rely upon.


  4. Kafkaesqui

    Posted 11 years ago #

    Power user. Makes it sound like I'm plugged into a wall somewhere. Which is probably not far from the truth, metaphorically speaking.

    My favs, eh?

    Scriptygoddess' WpPaginate - though I've heavily modified it (being a power user and all, how could I not).

    Rob Watkins' A Different Monthly Archive Script. Truly a different way of listing archives on the sidebar.

    Chris Davis's Live Preview. I usually avoid in your face Javascript where I can (personal preference); this is an exception. Of course there's a more pluggable version.

    ColdForged's Enhanced (Post) View(s) (List). Little by little WordPress admin'ing is getting sweeter. By the way Brian, pick a name and stick with it. :)

    Jamie Talbot's Singular. There's a reason I turn off auto-correction in my word processing tools.

    Everyone will note I've modestly avoided mention of my own stuff...

  5. Lorelle
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Since we are bragging, here is a link to Kaf's awesome WordPress Plugins, some I use myself.


  6. xmiinc
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Kafkaesqui! did you switch to gold? I can't get yer original site theme back! Even searched for the cookie to destroy. It's all good, but I wanted to bookmark yer old one for design inspirationz...


  7. Kafkaesqui

    Posted 11 years ago #

    xmiinc, you mean that drab green thing I call great design? It's still the core of my site's apple. Visit the gold theme page and click the reset link at the end to return things to their original look. If that fails to work, bug me by email and I'll take Gold offline for awhile (to kick your browser into resetting things).

  8. Lorelle
    Posted 11 years ago #

    xmiinc, how about bragging about your fav plugins, too? I've gotten some of my best finds from recommendations others have made.

  9. DianeV
    Posted 11 years ago #

    How about ScriptyGoddess' Subscribe to Comments plugin ... without which WP blogs have a hit-and-miss return rate on discussions. It also includes a comment subscription manager, without which subscribers may be loath to sign up. Wonderful.

  10. Jinsan
    Posted 11 years ago #

    think there already were discussions on this, or similar:


    Reasonable list on both

  11. xmiinc
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Apologies, Lorelle! Its a valid point, except that I'm so new to WP and blogging that I don't have much to go on. The one I *was* gonna mention was "Hide/Cut Post Text" by http://www.coffee2code.com, but when I saw Kaf's list with something similar (but waaay more flexible in what it can do), I refrained. I'm a noob with such things at the moment. On the other hand, I'm not gonna change it; the adage "less is more" is applicable here! It's simple, it works in a manner I like, and I customized it within minutes. 'Nuff said. What else do I have 'active'? Coldforged.com's "Enhanced Post List" and "Paged Comment Editing" http://www.coldforged.org/ (The way WP oughtta be!), and Kimmo's "DoFollow" http://kimmo.suominen.com/

    I've got some others plugged in but not yet activated, like Rob Watkins' "A Different Monthly Archive Script" http://www.oneofthosedays.org.uk/ . I'm hoping its not gonna be too much of a pain to integrate...


  12. xmiinc
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Thanks, Kafkaesqui! Back in green again...(how did I miss that 'reset'?) yeh, its the little things I like that you do...like the the expanding Categories...


  13. Lorelle
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Thanks, Jinsan, for listing the old lists of plugins. We're BRAGGING here. A list of fav plugins doesn't help us understand why these plugins are so darned important to us and how we use them almost every day.

    >>> I refrained. <<<

    And xmiinc, don't refrain. The title of the thread includes the word: BRAG.

    The purpose of this thread is not only to let people know what is out there, but to also recognize the author's work. Without the effort of those who created these plugins, who saw a need or had an idea and had the stuffings to create them, we wouldn't benefit from them. Sharing with them and others about how we use these in our WordPress sites helps everyone.

    BRAG about what you use, whether it's been mentioned or not. Your use is different from another person's use.

    For example, I adore Coldforged's Enhanced View Posts plugin that Kaf mentioned. I use that for multiple reasons, but mostly in the beginning to help me find the posts within the categories I screwed up by renumbering them in the database and not thinking the process out. I had tons of posts in the wrong category and this helped me find them all. It also helps me to figure out the chronological order for articles in a series, so I can fix them so they appear in sequence. Before this plugin, it would take me hours to figure out this information and fix it either from within the Admin or in the database itself, messy business.

    By sharing our brags about how we use the plugins, I hope people will learn more and be encouraged to take advantage of these great things. And the authors can see how much their work is appreciated.

  14. xmiinc
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I have to say, from the number of plugin-pages I've visited, authors should spend more time answering the question "Why would I want to use this (plugin)?" instead of just describing what it does. Not the same thing. Some do. Many don't, requiring some close reading and a look at the Comments section for clues (OK, I guess that should be done anyway...but still), if not the code itself...if I've lasted that long!


  15. Jinsan
    Posted 11 years ago #

    It's sort of unfair to ask an author, who has spent x amount of hours, days, weeks to do anything more than describe the functionality of the plugin. The description itself should be clear and concise, with examples, but anything more, such as "why should I use this plugin" is down to a user and the user's requirements. A user looks at his/her requirements and matches them against the plugins description, if they meet, they use, if not they look elsewhere.

    It's up to the end user to say, "You MUSt try this plugin because..." Although I don't think there's any harm in self-promotion, I don't believe the authors really have time to slap themselves on the back for a job well done.

    @ Lorelle I think many of the favourite plugins stte why they are favourites - brag? It's a subjective term. To brag, to validate, to advocate or to like. Each to their own. As Podz said, there's nothign wrong with repeating some topics to help new users, but I don't really see the difference between describing a plugin you like and why, and bragging about a plugin you like - you brag because it's a favourite. Semantics?

    I'll "brag" about my "favourites" when I get a moment :)

  16. vkaryl
    Posted 11 years ago #

    xmiinc, I had a fairly difficult time customizing the "Different Monthly Archive" plugin to fit with the Mars Spirit theme (this may have something to do with the fact that Mars Spirit is a reworked theme for 1.2 tweaked first by Allyn Gibson, then by yours truly - you do NOT want to know how long it took me to get it to validate!) I'm going to try it again on an "easier" theme to see how easy it really is....

    My list:

    Adhesive and Countdown from Owen Winkler

    Enhanced Post List from ColdForged

    Random Quote of the Day from McMike

    Referrer Bouncer from Angsuman Chakraborty

    Shire Reckoning2 from Allyn Gibson

    Spam Karma from Dr. Dave

    Theme Switcher from Ryan Boren

    WeatherIcon2 from Jeremiah, TechGnome, Beel and Garrett

    WP Spam Assassin from Michael Hampton

    I've got a bunch of others I haven't got around to installing and playing with yet; I may add more to the list later....

  17. RosieMBanks
    Posted 11 years ago #

    It's sort of unfair to ask an author, who has spent x amount of hours, days, weeks to do anything more than describe the functionality of the plugin.

    Unfair, maybe, but awfully important, especially to newcomers like me. So many times I visit a plugin's site but can't figure out what the plugin does, or how I can use it.

    For example, I went right to ScriptyGoddess' site to check out the Paginate Plugin, but couldn't figure out what it did, or why it would be such a great plugin.

    So then I went to Kafkaesqui's site to see if I could find anything he was doing that related to the word "paginate." I discovered how when the posts in an individual category exceed one page, the links to the next pages are displayed as "Page 1, 2, 3, etc." rather than "next page - previous page."

    That's cool! Now I know I want that plugin.

  18. xmiinc
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Sorry, Jinsan. I disagree. That is, assuming a developer cares about end-users being interested in his/her work. Otherwise, you're right, the developer is under no obligation to say much of anything other than putting up the code. But I come from the school of coding (yes, I do a bit of coding) where 1) commenting code too much is better than too little, and 2) too much documentation is better than too little--which includes putting oneself in the position of the enduser and imagining what this code is useful for.

    "It's up to the end user to say, "You MUSt try this plugin because..."---> This overstates what I said. I said 'should', not 'must'.

    "I don't believe the authors really have time to slap themselves on the back for a job well done."-->And this equates documentation with congratulations.

    I'm talking about giving endusers reasons for checking out their work. That can't be bad, and certainly shouldn't be onerous to the developer. Heck, it sure beats debugging!

  19. xmiinc
    Posted 11 years ago #

    RosieMBanks--nice layout! Not my style really, but I still recognize nice work when I see it.


  20. RosieMBanks
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Thanks, xmiinc, I recognize nice work when I see it, too. That's why I'm using geeksmakemehot's "Dixie Belle" theme!

    Some of us are born to create nice work, and some of us have to wait for them to release themes.

    (And plugins.)

  21. Lorelle
    Posted 11 years ago #

    vkaryl: great list, but how about a few whys as to why you like using these and how you use them. I'm intrigued with Adhesive and Countdown. Is that one plugin or two? How do you use those?

    What's Shire Reckoning and Referrer Bouncer? Those sound like comment spam or something plugins.

    Lists are everywhere, we're looking for the brags, the why these things work great for you and are on your favorite list. It helps us all decide which ones to use a little better. Great list, though.

  22. Lorelle
    Posted 11 years ago #

    For Aministration - I can't live without Paged Comment Editing and Enhanced Manage Screen View by Coldforged. With the first one, I can quickly check for spam (they show up in pink with one click) and delete them from my database, which saves some database size space. With the second one, I've mentioned it before, but I use it every day to figure out what is where, where I put it, and what the heck is it doing there.

    Batch Categories (does anyone have a link to a working version of that for download??) is a total life saver. It isn't a plugin (though they are working on it) but a separate file you can link to from within your Admin screen. It allows for massive shifting around of posts from one category to another. This thing saved me totally when I screwed up my categories and had the wrong post in the totally wrong category - more than 500 of them. With a few quick clicks, I could move around 50 or more posts between categories. Amazing.

    I'm also eternally grateful to Coffee2Code for the Never Moderate Admin or Author plugin - so I don't have to moderate my own comments any more. YEAH! Time saver.

    For my posts and layout, I'm totally lost without Coffee2Code's plugin for customizable posts and WASABI's Related Entries Plugin which I use in my sidebar to help people navigate around my site and find related and recent articles on similar topics.

    My site's look, when it comes to the actual posts, is totally and completely saved by TextControl plugin which allows me to control the generated code results per post. So if I have a totally XHTML marked up post with boxes, graphics, and bells and whistles, I can turn off all the autoformatting and have that post look how "I want it". If I am not using any XHMTL in my post, for quick entries, I turn on the autoformatting and I don't have to worry. I love it. The only thing that is a pain is that I have to SAVE AND CONTINUE EDITING before I can see the plugin's options, a minor detail.

    There are so many that save me daily, but these are the top ones.

    I guess the last one I'd like to mention is one that does something that is rarely directly talked about here. We fuss over comment spam and other details, but I still don't want harvesters coming through and grabbing my email or anyone elses from my site, something that really was the rage a few years ago. Coffee2Code, who I swear works overtime from time to time on producing amazing plugins for WordPress users, has a neat thing called "Obfuscate E-mail" which changes all email addresses into character codes which can be read on the screen but are garbled looking when the source code is viewed. Just as we use "&lt;" to make the left arrow for beginning a tag < as a character representative, this plugin takes every letter or number in your email address and makes it into an ascii character code. Viewable but unrecognizable to harvesters. Very cool.

  23. prissed
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I have to say, from the number of plugin-pages I've visited, authors should spend more time answering the question "Why would I want to use this (plugin)?" instead of just describing what it does. Not the same thing.

    Speaking as a person who's only written 2 plugins, here's why I don't try to "sell" anyone on them: I wrote them for ME, I wrote them because I needed them...but, I also felt kind enough to share with anyone else who may be looking for the same functionality.

    So I thought I'd ask if anyone had any favorite plugins that they would like to brag about that they use on their site.

    Definitely Scriptygoddess's show/hide "more", and subscribe to comments plugins. I think more people should have subscribe to comments. ;) so much easier to follow discussions. And, well, the show/hide thing...just cool.

    Scott Reilly's wp-untexturize and Alex Kings WP Unformatted. Because I hate curly quotes. HATE THEM, I tell you! That, and sometimes, I just don't want WP's formatting. Period. ;)

    And, of course (since I got rid of Authimage), Dr. Dave's Spam Karma.

  24. vkaryl
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Lorelle, I was trying not to take up a lot of space.... stuff like that is so subjective....

    Adhesive is one plugin - sticky post, I like it and have had zero problems with it though YMMV, others have had a lot of trouble with it in 1.5.

    Countdown is a separate plugin: it allows you to input data to a text file to count the days remaining to whatever events you choose to list.

    Referrer Bouncer bounces referrer spam back to the originating site. It's one of my "action against spam and dreck" crew: the others are Spam Karma and WP Spam Assassin, which works directly with the Spam Assassin installation on your host server (assuming your host has that installed). I don't have any spam....

    Shire Reckoning2 lists "today" as if it were happening in Tolkien's world of LOTR, complete with events from the books on the relevant days if one chooses to display them. Since I'm an unregenerate Tolkien fan (read the whole bunch of them a couple of times a year, every year since about 1965 - still finding stuff I've missed before), I had to have this one.

    The bunch of them fits the way I handle blogs, which is pretty unlikely to be the way others do, I think, just from my reading around here!

  25. Lorelle
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Wow! This is amazing. I thought Shire Reckoning2 would surely have something to do with comment spam. This is why I started the thread. One, to generate interest in plugins and what's available, but also to find out what is available and how people use them. The way I use things is different from how you would use the same things.

    I said a lot, but part of this topic is the different way we use things and I use Coffee2code's customizable post listings in several different ways. One in my sidebar to show the most recent posts, and another in a good number of my major categories. I created custom category-X.php template files for these and added the random function of the customizable post to create a list of random selections ("highlights") of the different posts within that category.

    One plugin that does a dozen different things. It all depends upon the use, and learning how people use different plugins for different reasons helps us all to learn more.


    PS: vkaryl - I was so inspired by your Shire Reckoning2 mention, that I decided to see what was out there and I found ca-Stardate plugin which gives the date in Star Trek time. LOVE IT! Don't know what I'm going to do with it, but as a major Trekie (closet - opps, guess not anymore ;-) ) fan, it has me thinking.....

  26. vkaryl
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Wow, Lorelle - I totally missed that one! Okay, gotta go get it now. My "trekkie-ism" is limited to the original series (in B&W, btw - we were the last family in Vegas to get a color tv!), but that's okay....

    Hmm. Hey, any of you fab plugin coders want to whip up a plugin to consolidate the stardate trekkie one with the stardate info from the University of Texas (I think) that one hears on pub radio? Now THAT would be cool!

  27. Lorelle
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Oh, wow....totally cool. Ain't it amazing what people come up with for plugin ideas!

    It got me thinking about other calendar/date/time things and I found these little novelties, and you can find more at Codex Plugins Calendar/Event List and http://www.wp-plugins.net :

    * Time Zone Plugin
    * Month Chunks
    * CA-weton's Javanesse Weton day and date
    * Jalali(shams) date convertion for WordPress Iranian users

    I'm sure there are other cultural/religous time and calendars out there...anyone know?

  28. Jinsan
    Posted 11 years ago #

    wp-hashcash, which is recently updated has been my favourite spam plugin, well probably of any plugin, so far. I tried SpamKarma and Spaminator, and I saw all the for and against for each plugin. Hashcash (previously stopgap) is such a simple and devious little plugin.

    Upload the js file, upload the php file, run the plugin and that's it. no configuration, no messing around - it has never moderated any author comments, it has never moderated legtimiate comments and it has stop ANY spam from appearing. Of course I don't use robots.txt and my meta info in my header is not up to date, but before this plugin and with either of the other two plugins I still recevied and managed spam comments on a regular basis.

    Iimage Gallery based on the Image Gallery (?) plugin by a French WP users I believe, this has done a lot with regards to improving on the base. It allows creation of thumbnails, resampling as well as resizing, includes a mutltiude of options on how to link an image, either as a thumbnail, as a full image and so on.

    It allows a lot of control within the pop up window, including uploading and deleting from within the pop up. It's improving with each build although since the quicktag button was introduced there have been issues with it not working as it should, it seems like a bug where the some have it working and others don't. still I've very happy with the 1.41 version of the plugin.

    simple php gallery - even after I dumped it once, and althougt not strictly a plugin it is a brilliant WP addition. It may not have a lot of options, but if you just want images uploaded to a folder, want auto-thumbnails and a gallery that is frankly astongishingly easy to integrate not only into WP but also to make it look like the rest of your site then no other gallery "plugin" comes close to simple php gallery IMHO. If this had a few more features, and an administrative backend, it would be pretty perfect.

    comment quicktags - if there is one way to include and style the quicktag buttons for use in the comments page, then this is it. upload, activate and style. simple, but oh so useful.

    custom posts per page/custom query string a clever little plugin that allows you to manage posts depending on the page so you can set it to display 6 posts archives, 10 posts in a category, 2 posts if it's home, and so on. Simple and easy to manage with it's own interface within the admin panel.

    category images - another c2c plugin and one that offers a multitude of options over the existing tag within wp I feel. It's a brilliant plugin and piece of cake to use, I use for both sites I'm working on and the options available just add to the fun of this plugin. Both plugins do essentially the same thing, with some minor difference, it's down to preference and need I suppose.

    customisable post plugin again from c2c the flexible nature of this plugin and the updates it has gone through, as well as the upcoming and tasty prosecpt of upgrades in the waiting, have made this plugin invaluable for my needs. it's options, and it's ease of use as well as the huge number of variables allow the mix and matching of different ways to display posts in different containers. it's just brilliant.

  29. error
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Wow, I got a mention and didn't even know it! vkaryl, I'm glad you like wp-spamassassin. But see below, because there's more...

    OK, the plugins I run and wouldn't do without are as follows:

    • Bad Behavior. Kills spambots dead by denying access entirely; this saves your bandwidth from being wasted and your email addresses from being harvested.
    • Spam Karma 2. Because not all spam is automated.
    • WP-ContactForm. Lets people get hold of you without giving out your email address; you can drop a contact form in any post or page.
    • Live Preview from Chris J. Davis. Shows an immediate preview of comments as your reader types it in.
    • Moose Candy. This is a special plugin just for NuclearMoose. But it's oh so amazing. Lets you insert content between posts. This only works with some themes! Classic and default are fine. For others it might not work.
  30. Dgold
    Posted 11 years ago #

    As a newbie, I would like to see more plugin authors explain some basics about your plugin. It may seem obvious to you, because you know the terminology, but newbies can learn quickly if you give an example.

    Basic info to tell us:
    --What part of my WP would the plugin enhance? BASICS. Does it change the way posts look, the category listing, the layout, or the admin interface?

    --A visual example if possible, either a screenshot of it in-action (such as an admin interface change), or an actual blog using the plug-in. Preferably a screenshot of the plug-in being used, with a simple circle or arrow drawn around the part of the page that is affected. Like, "Look here dummy, it does this >>"

    Again as a newbie, my 2 cents. Thanks to the plugin authors and all helpers here.

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