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    Got my blog going after some hours of work, rendering my new CSS, editing some PHP and installing some plugins, my site is so so so so close to being done! I’m so excited to show it to the wordpress community cause I love this blogging software so much. Enjoy it! I specialize in Flash Web Development, as well as PHP, CSS, Actionscript and a host of other things. I’m an avid fan of Web Standards and hope that browsers can catch up with them.

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  • wow… that looks solid!
    nice steady design and very clear in use.
    thumbs up!

    frankly, i’m tired of kubrik, but that’s just me.

    rounded-corner-two-column weblog is not monopolized by Kubrick. I believe this guy designed his website himself.

    okay, them I’m tired of the rounded-corner-two-column-weblog.
    still, there aren’t any errors that I see, and I’m currently at grandpappy’s house on i.e. 6.0

    Looks nice but it scrolls really slowly for me on firefox 1.0

    Wow, thanks for the comparison to Kubrick. Never heard of his blog, did a search for it on google 😉 (I’m not a big mac guy) . You are correct, I did design this site myself without inspiration from a specific blog. I pen and papered it, created it in photoshop, then CSS’d, XHTML’d, and PHP’d it with dreamweaver.
    I’m currently on firefox 1.0. Could you explain the issue about the scrolling? Is it the flash on the tutorial, or the fixed background? I just tried it and I do notice a bit of lag on the scroll. What do you think is the cause of this.
    Thanks for the positive reviews on my site and for the feedback.

    redsoxnut, thanks for detecting that it wasn’t valid. A recent post fouled up a br after a li.
    Is there a post about Kubrik related sites out there? I realize that he is one of the main blogs that have the 2 column layout, so why do people just mark it off as a “oh… thats a Kubrik.” ? I thought blogs were suppose to be designed for content.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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