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  • firstly, thank you to the author Paul Gibbs for such a great plugin.

    (albeit i realise there are a few issues currently with wp v1.7 – i’m sure they’ll get fixed).

    i currently find myself much involved in making wp/bp environments admin freindly and flexible regarding user groups, roles and capabilities – especially regarding (legacy) plugins and especially their use of custom post types, custom taxonomies, etc within admin back-end.

    in particular, welcome-pack, by default, made various email admin functionality available to ‘author’ user roles. this has aldeady been raised here:

    – seems like the advice there is to hack the plugin.

    is there any chance please in some future version of this plugin that you might code it with a full comppliment of custom capabilities, capability_type, etc defined during register_post_type(), etc.

    what would be most useful, would be a new filter on args passed to register_post_type, etc so we can override the existing capability_type, capabilities,map_meta_cap, args etc, if/when required.

    more generally, a similar filter available on args within wp_register_post() func itself, just after call to wp_parse_args() – would enable many old/misbehaving/insecure plugins to be fixed-up via a theme file rather than needing to hack each individual plugin.

    just some ideas that would greatly help me & i believe many others deal with live systems with current wp/bp versions but lagging/legacy plugins. would welcome any feedback on this proposal.

    many thanks.

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