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  • Hi,

    I am having trouble limiting the boxes on the home page to 3 lines, before the ‘read more’ text kicks in. There are no editing options permitting me to modify the boxes so that they are all symmetrical.

    My website is I’m a newby.

    Is there a way to do this so I can simply post text in the boxes and it cuts it off at the read more point before proceeding to the next line.

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  • There is suppose to no relation of the box about putting the ‘Read More’ tag; it should be when you are writing the post.

    While writing the post, you just can put the “Insert More Tag” option (the button you will see on the top of the editor box) at any place of your writing.

    Thanks mybdbis, but when i go to write text for the boxes there are no editor options for the boxes. So I can’t put any tags at all for the 4 boxes at the bottom of the page.

    I went to theme options – home page settings

    in this section the only thing I can change is the text

    Of-course there is. Its a default WordPress option. Just check again.

    The editor box means, the area where you write the post. There in above of the writing area, you will see ‘B‘ ‘I‘ etc. At that line of options you will see a small box icon. Just put your cursor on the icon (dont press first), you will see a description will pop up, which is what. Then you will see : “nsert More Tag”.

    Here how you go to ‘Post’ writing area:

    Dashboard => Post => Add new => You are new ‘Edit Post’ area.

    Exactly mybdis. In normal what you are saying is correct. But this is specifically with respect to the boxes on the home page of this theme.

    The type of editing I am trying to do is in the boxes that come with this theme. I can only edit them as follows.

    Theme > Theme settings > Homepage Settings

    When I get there there are options to edit the text of the 4 boxes on the home page. However ‘B’ ‘I’ etc and all the other editing options are not available.

    I am trying to make the boxes only run a few lines before saying read more.

    Then you can put below shortcode at the place where you want to make the “Read more” option.


    Thanks I’m familiar with the normal <!–more–> feature.

    If you can have a look in the theme control panal but it doesn’t let me put any code. If you go to Theme > Theme settings > Homepage Settings the only option is text. How do i change it to let me inset the html codes.

    I’ve created a screen shot here

    I’m afraid you need to put your topic here:

    They are the Theme Developer of your theme.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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