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  • Hi all,

    Friday evening I updated my WordPress to 4.8 and updated all my plugins.

    Looking through my analytics this morning I noticed an almost increase in my bounce rate since 4.8 went live.

    For months it has sat around 20% but since 4.8 it shot up almost instantly to 80%. Of course it could be a coincidence but it is quite alarming as no other major changes have been made to the site.

    My only other current line of thought is that it’s some sort of bug with my theme, as the analytics code is supplied directly through that, rather than a plugin.

    Any other thoughts at this stage would be welcome though.

    Many thanks

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  • Hey @richardpeters

    That is very odd! It could be a coincidence like you say. But it does look more like it’s something to do with the updates.

    Could you try using a plugin to input your analytics code? Alternatively put it straight into the theme file if you have server access. Then you’ll be able to see whether it is related to any of the updates you done.

    Kind regards,


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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