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  • Hi,

    I use subscribe 2, and I’d decided to get the pro version

    40 $ for quite nothing, just a one php file, no tutorial. For have a user guide you have to spend 15 $ more.

    Result, I cannot do best that I can do with the free version !

    Please refund or send a real tutorial !

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  • @eboosting,

    If you wanted a tutorial why did you buy Subscribe2HTML? it makes no reference anywhere to being or containing a tutorial.

    Since you’ve downloaded the code you have accepted the terms and conditions but you should be raising these issues at the site where you bought the plugin.

    Ok, you are selling a pro version without any documentation on the code, or file that can get rid of the wrong “from” “to” in the email subject

    that is the worse script support that I had ever bought, and we can do the same things with the free version.



    and its developper is now hiding behind “terms” and conditions”

    easy and unresponsable


    This taken from the front page where you purchased the plugin:

    Subscribe2 HTML provides all of the features of Subscribe2 with the addition of:

    • Sends HTML emails sent to all confirmed public subscribers
    • Has the ability to send HTML emails from Post->Mail Subscribers
    • Sends Digest Emails containing HTML

    That is an exact description of what your were buying and downloading. You CANNOT do these things with the free version.

    What additional documentation do you feel you want or need with the code? It works exactly the same as the free version – which includes a PHP guide in the install folder, has FAQs here, a forum on GetSatisfaction and a dedicated announcement site with lots of documentation like FAQs and troubleshooting tips here.

    I note you also asked a question at the WPPlugins forum site which was answered within an hour of you posting it.

    You are fully entitled to your opinion and if you think it’s a waste of money that’s fine but don’t accept ‘terms and conditions’ of a sale and then tell me how awful that is when you don’t like what you bought. After all you have now wasted my time responding to you on two different forums all because you could not be bothered to read up thoroughly before buying.

    If I were to refund you any money how am I ever to know that you are not still using my code for free – you downloaded it and could have created numerous copies and placed it on several servers by now. This is why there are no refunds.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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