• I had a tight client deadline.
    I was excited about the plugin.
    I eagerly bought the 3.0 version.

    But it never came.
    I was given version 2.1.7

    So I emailed them asking for the right version.
    I never received a response.

    So I raised a paypal dispute.
    They replied via paypal, saying they would give me 3.0 if I closed the dispute.

    I said my deadline has come and gone. Give me a refund.

    They said no.

    Who wouldn’t give a refund in this case?

    1 star rating 🙁


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  • Have the same experience with this company! It’s fake, they don’t help. Only marketing trying to get more pro customers: waste of money!


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    Have you attempted to contact or post to that plugin’s commercial support forum?


    Of course!
    They came back with : give your user userid and password and we will update my installed version 2.7.3

    I never give passwords to anybody, so iTS very strange to ask this! Why not send a new zip file version 3?

    I don’ t thrust them anymore. sorry!

    Same experience here. It is a scam! Tech support non-existent. They will just ask for wordpress login details, which I gave them, and they will do nothing. They even asked for FTP login and I gave them full access to my hosting panel. Still nothing.

    Their support forum is a scam as well. All posts are heavily edited. If you post a complain they modify it to not make it look serious, or they just delete it. That’s what they did to my post so I’m posting my feedback here to let everyone know the truth.

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