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    The front page is using a page but with the “Full width page template” and named the page as “Welcome to Preference”
    Then the menu link for it, I just renamed the label for it as “Home”

    The widgets with images (the 4 widgets) are in widget positions Bottom 1, 2, 3, and 4, using the text widget. I am also using a plugin called Dynamic Widgets so that I can control where these widgets are shown (on selected pages). The txt file attached has a sample code for the first widget on the demo site for your reference.

    The same as the bottom widgets, I did the same for the footer widgets, published to the footer positions 1, 2, 3, and 4.

    **For the front page demo widgets using the images, here is a sample of the demo first widget:

    <p><img src="path-to-image.jpg" width="265" height="180" alt="gallery1tn" class="imageborder" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" /></p><p>Yes, the Preference theme was designed and built on WordPress 3.5 to take advantage of the newest and greatest features that comes with it. Plus, you can use popular plugins as well!</p>

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    I’m assuming all is good based on our email conversation, so I will set this topic as resolved. IF you have more questions, fee free to contact me.


    sorry to reopen a resolved topic but i cant seem to get widgets to appear on my static front page in the bottom 1,2 etc positions, works ok for the footers.

    im using image widget and have installed dynamic widgets.

    any help appreciated


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    You will want to make sure your front page is using the “front page” template. So with your page open in the editor, select the page template “Front Page”. This is the one with those widget positions.

    Thanks – sorted!

    I have the same problem as hilliardnoble. I have footers on my front page (this one with new posts) but no bottoms 🙁 When I’m checking my Settings/Reading there is “Front page displays: *newest posts”. So what is the problem? I have no idea how to fix it 🙁
    I will really appreciate your help!

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    @akinom….the bottom area is only available on “page” templates for the Lite version of Preference:

    1. Front Page Template
    2. Full Width Page Template

    Also, for this to work on the front of your site, you need your front page to be a static front page and then move the blog off it.

    WordPress Static Front Page Info

    I’m sorry for being such a pain in the neck.
    Ok. So I created a new page and called it “Home” (besides I have already had one as an element of the theme). Then I added content.
    Then in Settings/Reading I set Front page displays to a static page and
    In the drop down menu for Front Page I selected “Home”.
    And my bottoms apear but I have two headers (standard one and another one I added for pages). What should I do now?
    I really appreciate your patience. I’m just a simply girl…

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    No worries, even when I started with WordPress before, I didn’t even know how to install a theme.

    I’m assuming you are using a widget to show your other header in pages? WordPress by default shows widgets on every page that the widget position exists in. To manage where widgets are seen, there’s options:

    1. Use a plugin called dynamic widgets
    2. If you use jetpack, it has a Widget Visibility feature that works well
    3. Use the widget logic plugin to also assign widgets to select locations
    4. …etc.

    I personally prefer the first two options, but if you don’t have Jetpack installed, then definitely go for the Dynamic Widgets one. This is a very robust plugin and very flexible.

    Everything is working!
    Thank you soooo much! :*
    I’ve aready finished creating my website! I couldn’t do this without you 🙂 Thank you again!

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    You’re very welcome!
    I like to make sure everyone is looked after as best as I can 🙂

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