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    it would be good to have an option to prevent bots from registering on a membership site. I’m getting a huge number of fake members from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus etc getting past Captcha etc

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  • Hi esp,
    are you using a membership plugin or are you just using the default WordPress registration to allow people to register on your site?

    I use a purchased plugin – Magic Members. They don’t have any extra bot screening but I just added the WP-SpamShield free plugin and. touch wood, haven’t had a fake sign-up since.

    Sounds great esp, glad you were able to find a solution!

    Noob here (oh boy!)

    I am getting signups for my site, which I don’t advertise anyplace.

    I don’t know where they are coming from, That would be helpful if there is a plugin I can load that shows that to me (Google analytics apparently won’t count an ad blocker having visitor).

    I think they are bots in that they all follow the same pattern, Name and then numbers that look like a YoB (1957-2004) the email addy is the same as the sign up name/date @gmail, Hotmail etc.

    Is there a plug in that can track their activity on the site?

    I wonder why “they” sign up for the site? Are they the equivalent of moss in the woods? covering a fallen tree. Is there a nefarious nature to them? Should I scrape them before I put any other info (premium membership)onto the site? Or are “they” just getting paid by the sign up by some employer looking to pad his “circulation numbers?”

    Is this common? Is there a plug in I should be using?

    Also, did I do this right, adding onto a like question?

    Thank you.

    just disable logins and ONLY allow facebook/twitter/google logins. it will stop that and everyone has at least one of them anyways. login with one click and dont worry about bots signing up.

    OK, thank you.

    But then what do I do about premium logins? Is that a separate login from the one I will have disabled?

    And what is it that the bots want?

    I’m “using” Simple Membership Plugin. I chose it for the Paypal premium membership co-ordination. Also because I’m expecting that premium members will put up paid content and that is a feature of the “Simple Membership Plugin,” Are you saying I should deactivate it in favor of —(what plugin will allow me to just use the FB/TW/Goog logins)?

    thank you.


    You should install the free version of Wordfence. That will track all login attempts in real time. Also, install Spamshield – that is an awesome plugin that prevents bots from registering. I haven’t had a single fake registration since installing it.

    you’re welcome. 😉

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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