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    Both the hit tracking and search function on my site ( aren’t working. Is there any common component between these two features? Could it be something with my htaccess file? I have other WordPress installations on this domain (in other folders) that work fine. I also have an add-on domain (in another folder) too. Any hints for me? I tried using another theme and the search still didn’t work, so it’s not the theme.

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  • It must have been a plugin problem. I deactivated a few and now the search works. Still have the hit tracking issue, though. At least the Feedburner hit tracking service works.

    What you might do then is reactivate the other plugins one at a time until you hit the one which causes the problem again – at least at that point you know what caused it…. Then you can report that back here for the next poor guy who has the problem (assuming s/he uses the search function, AND that it bothers to work at that point….)

    The problem plugin was the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin. . I know it wasn’t compatible with 2.1, but I thought it had been updated/revised. I guess not.

    Thanks, TomJohnson! Appreciate the report-back.

    I also figured out why my site wasn’t tracking any hits. I had installed a Clicky script a long time ago in the footer template. I totally forgot about this. When I removed it, my hit tracking returned.

    UTW is up to version 3.14159265 at this point. You absolutely need this latest version for WordPress 2.1, or you will get odd side effects. The latest version should be okay.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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