Support » Plugin: WooCommerce Blocks » Both Cart and Checkout has errors

  • David


    First, the looks is spot on. I love the look, it’s incredible. But there are major issues, at least for me, of customer unable to see what their shipping costs are and they are all seeing an error message “no shipping methods found” if they refresh their page or open a new window.

    I went through my site as suggested by someone on their support page to see if I could troubleshoot the issue with the shipping information.

    I switched to the free StoreFront theme to see if it was my theme causing the issue and I was getting the same exact error on the Storefront theme they suggested.

    Then I was told to take off plugin by plugin every single on to see which was causing the conflict. Not one of them were causing any of the issues and I ended up with zero plugins and having to basically re-build a lot of the work I did. I really hope they can get this working correctly and in a timely manner because again the looks is incredible. Its really great, it just needs to work properly.

    Yes, I am aware this was originally releases in beta but its been some time now and these issues are still not resolved so it doesn’t look like they will be any time soon.

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