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  • I screwed up and forgot to turn off the plug-ins.

    Now, I get the index page but get 404s on all older posts and comments, plus the dashboard isn’t displaying properly, has a table error, etc. I’ve tried to work through the various problems — missing and misplaced files, mostly — and the database appears to have loaded. But I still see the message “New version of WordPress available update now.”

    Basically, I’d like to retreat and start over.

    Can this be done by nuking all files other than the “keepers” specified in the various install directions? Do I have to go into my SQL (go daddy) backup or can I just go ahead?

    Thanks for your help. My blog is just catching on and I really don’t want to abandon ship.

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  • Well, don’t abandon ship 🙂

    First make sure you backup everything. This is the most important step, trust me.

    Next I would replace all WordPress files. As you said keep the “keepers”. This would include your themes, plug-ins and so on.

    If you need detailed instruction on how to upgrade visit this page.


    I just had to keep rereading the instructions and redoing it.

    I suggest anyone not comfortable with this and struggling should print out the instructions and cross out the steps as you complete them, or something equally anal.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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