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    A bot found my “Easy Sign Up” on my webpage and has submitted about 30 new users (no name, just random letters and number as name) today. I have the “Honeypot Protection” ticked, but not sure what that is really.
    Any advice to elude this and other bots in the future? Any kind of “tick here to prove you are human” kind of option.

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    @drew345 have you tried to rename the honeypot field to trick the bots into filling it out?
    There is no captcha at the moment – my idea with Easy Sign Up is to make it suuuper easy to use. Watch for the next update I’ll work in an Akismet integration.

    Thanks for the reply.
    I had the box ticked for “Attempt to block span bots with honeypot”
    I just left the Honeypot Element as default “Other Comments”
    I will try to change “Other Comments” to something to block the bots. Like what? Can you tell the function of the span bot honeybot? If the bot leaves that field blank, they can’t register? Or if they put something in that field, they don’t register? Does the honeypot work by trying to get the bot to enter something, or forget to enter something?

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    Hi @drew345, not sure what you meant by

    Can you tell the function of the span bot honeybot

    Learn more about spambots:

    The honeypot is a hidden field that tries trick the spam bot into filling it in.
    If the bot fills in the field we know it’s not a human.

    Thanks, your description of the honeypot is just what I needed.
    I’ll try changing the honeypot field again, but still getting about 50 fake bot registrations a day. It’s a nice, simple plugin. Too bad the bots got so clever.

    I’ve had 3 problems with the plugin:

    1. The names of my sign ups don’t appear until I copy and paste in a certain way! I copy then from my email to google docs, then copy them from there to gmail – only after copying them and pasting them into gmail do I get a name for half of them. I thought I had a bot but now I think they are real.

    2. But the sign ups stopped when I clicked honeypot. It was between 1 and 3 for a week, some definitely legit as I have tracking on them elsewhere.

    3. The text in your message box isn’t right, there are gaps in some of the letters, and when I put some affiliate links in it only held some of them and others just got a long deactivated url.

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    Hello @marymoz, please open a new thread for your issue, and please read the sticky post. Also feel free to add a link to your issue as I am not sure I understand your questions/problems

    – thanks

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